Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend events...
Friday: Movie night- Into the Wild-recommend it.
Saturday: Kat and Karls baby shower-what a great time with old friends
Travelers game with Gray and Peri (niece and nephew)
Sunday: church, went to listen to the string quartet that will play at the wedding, Coby played
golf, I cleaned house and will made dinner (sesame salmon and panko asparagus-
will post about later if turns out edible)

Pics from the game

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh good gracious. Things and time are just flying by lately-literally and figuratively.
So the tornadoes missed us by a hair but took our power, phones, and cable with it for about 5 days, but all is well now.
I had my ideal bachelorette party a few weekends ago. It was exactly what I wanted but what a grandma I am, listen to what we did...
We went to Garvan Gardens in HS and saw all the beautiful flowers, then went downtown and window shopped, ate dinner at Rolando's (I highly recommend it), then had drinks and dessert at the Arlington. Around nine we headed back to the lake house and had some sangria, opened some unmentionable gifts and headed to bed. I MEAN...some wild and crazy girls, but really it was fantastic.
The wedding is 19 days away, we are ready but I can't say much more or I might hyperventilate. I'm not nervous just anxious about what everyone calls "THE BIG DAY!" It truly is the whole concept of the day that make me anxious, not the actual marriage.
We are more than ready for Jamaica. The plan is to get a really great new camera so I can take mucho pictures and liven up these posts a bit.
Hope all is well!