Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We took 5 of the nieces and nephews to Magic Screams last weekend. We have been the last two years with other couples and had a good time, but apparently is was during the week. This years experience fell into a category with the state fair and Riverfest. It was crazy busy, i.e. 3 hour wait for the haunted houses! This was no concern of mine since I HATE haunted houses but the rides were busy to. They didn't have enough staff so some of the ride were closed and the lines in the others were long because they were rotating workers. The tickets were still full price even though the Crystal Falls part was obviously closed. Needless to say, we will not go back next year but the kids had a blast!

We also had our churches Trunk-or-Treat. Lots of fun. We did a craft project instead of a game. Paper plate spider webs, and it was quite popular.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We've had lots of stuff going on the past few weeks. So much stuff I've only put up 1/2 of my Halloween decor. The same Halloween decor that Coby made me wait to put up until September was over!
We went down to the sculpture exhibit at the Rivermarket last Saturday. It was great and hopefully it will become an annual event. We also walked the Junction Bridge downtown. The dogs had a fun outing but weren't quite sure of the height of the the bridge and preferred to walk in the middle. Kinda funny.
Coby also did a charity event for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central AR. It was a dinner for a few people on a yacht on the AR river. Things turned out wonderful even with the close cooking quarters.
This weekend is booked. We plan on taking some of the nieces and nephews to Magic Screams and we have our church Trunk-or-Treat. And I might even get the Halloween decorations finished!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

TiVo strikes AGAIN!

Last night while I was finishing things up around the house I was recording Project Runway-The FINALE!, while watching an already recorded episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight (never miss it). Coby came in and decided he wanted to watch PR with me- to root for the Arkansan. He gets to messin' around the with remote and goes to "live tv" just in time for us to catch the very last 4 seconds of PR and LeeAnn stating how excited she was that she won!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH. I couldn't obstruct my hearing fast enough! First how could it be that the designers who made


Ah well, it was a good season. Till the next..."Make It Work".

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The End is Near

This was the episode that Tim Gunn visits the last designers homes and we get a first look at the final collections. Gunn's visit to Korto here in AR was portrayed very well (i.e. no hillbillies). The a bridesmaid dress to go with the wedding dress that was already part of the collection. Korto made it through by the skin of her teeth. I really liked both dresses but I could see how they did not go together.
Jerell is not going to fashion week because of this bedazzled wedding dress and underwhelming bridesmaid dress.

Korto's designs

Leanne's designs...I really liked her wedding dress, not so crazy about the bridesmaid dress. (Sorry, the pics this week aren't that good.)

And finally Kenley. She is about on my last nerve. Her designs this week are nothing that hasn't already been done. It was mentioned on the show that her wedding dress looked like a Alexander McQueen design from his last show. What do you think?


vs. Alexander McQueen

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun Fall Festivities

This Saturday was our friends Dee and Dave's wedding shower. It was a fun night full of soups, s'mores, fall decor, and friends.

Leaving you with pictures of the dogs (we said they wouldn't be able to get on the new furniture-but how can you say no to faces like this?).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

the cords...they're choking me!

So mad, so mad, so mad. We have had TiVo for ~1.5 years. I love it. I love the thumbs up, thumbs down, I love the "pudup, pudup, pudup" sounds it makes, and I love the little TiVo alien at the top of the remote. Then along comes the dreadfully boring HD converter box! I, myself, could live without HD-but others in the house feel it is vital. Now we could get an HD/DVR 2-in-1 box from the cable company, but we are under contract with TiVo for the next 2 years and I am fairly sure the DVR does not make fun sounds. Now there are cords upon cords, and three remotes, and the channel only changes when you use both remotes (HD+TIVO)! After all this I begin to think why do we even need any of this?! Then I realize I missed PR last night so I go to TiVo only to find out it has not recorded it!!!! Obviously under the deviant spell of the HD box! Thank goodness my computer does not associate with either. Here is the edited version from bravo.
The challenge was to design a evening gown inspired by a garden the designers visited.

Looser... um, eighties bridesmaid dress?

Korto, no my favorite but she did make it to the finals.

And Kenley-for those of you who love knit.