Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catch Up

I feel like we have been so busy on weeknights here lately. We've had friend's birthday parties, work meetings, and bible study. We went out for dinner with Coby's parents for his birthday last night and had a good time. In other news Coby will be having back surgery in mid-March. He's had budging discs and ruptured discs and has been in a lot of pain for the past few months. We figured he was going to have to have it done eventually so we figured we had better get it done before Keller gets here. So we will be dealing with that during the beginning of spring. Hopefully he will be healed up pretty well by July and will have a huge reduction in pain.
In baby news I have been feeling good. Sleeping well at night, no big food cravings, but I was having terrible heartburn that has hopefully been cleared up by a round of Previcid. Keller is moving around during the day but Coby has yet to feel him. That is something I can't wait for. We went and registered last weekend. I thought it was something we needed to go ahead and get done. With Coby's up coming surgery I didn't think he would feel like walking around all afternoon anytime after. We have also found the crib, furniture, and bedding. I went ahead and ordered the bedding just so I could match paint and other decorations.
Here are some pictures of what we have picked out.




I have lots of craft projects going though my mind and plan on working on those over spring break.
I know I still need to post some pregnant belly pictures and some more pictures of the last ultrasound. I will get to it eventually.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And so it is...

Today day is my most wonderful husband's birthday. And in celebration of that I would like to tell all of you (1 week later) that my most wonderful husband will have a baby BOY in July!!!
Yep, we found out on Valentine's Day that we are going to have a sweet, mudpie makin' boy. We went in for our ultrasound at 2:30. She looked at all the parts of the baby, legs, abdomen, spine, heart, (all looked good) and finally asked again if we wanted to know the sex. Then she said "I think I saw something earlier, let's see if I can find it again". I could barely believe it. I had told everyone that I would be so surprised if it was a boy. Sure enough after moving around a little (his legs were squeezed tight) we saw this!

So there you have it. We are so excited! His name is Keller Cruz Smith. When Coby and I went to San Francisco we ate at two of his "dream" resturants, Fleur de Lys, and The French Laundry. The last name of both of the chefs is Keller. Cruz was decided upon by Coby. It was something we had both discussed and liked but ultimatley it was his decision. Come to find out that Keller means companion and Cruz is Spanish for cross. Companion of the cross has a nice ring to it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winter Woes

I felt like I was coming out of hibernation today. After 3 days of being snowed in Coby took me out on the town today. We took the dogs to play ball then to lunch and Target and I actually got dressed and put on make-up! Crazy! We actually ended up getting a good 6 inches of snow here on Wednesday and yesterday afternoon it finally started melting off. We did a lot of this... I also got the house cleaned and got caught up on laundry. Then I got my Christmas present from Coby out and am about halfway finished. I didn't get out in the snow at all but the dogs did. Chox gets a little crazy when he can't be out all day.

We plan on getting up tomorrow to head to church and then lunch. Bible study also starts tomorrow night. We are doing Beth Moore's Daniel. I really enjoyed Esther and how she took us through the entire book. Hopefully Daniel will be just as good.
Next week should be busy. I've got to get my tax stuff together, I've got a birthday dinner for a friend, and I just might have to go to work a full 5 days next week!
Here is our meal list that we have been working though. Have a good week!
Baked ziti with salad
Beef fajitas with guacamole
Slow cooker chicken sandwiches with baked zucchini fries
Southwest chicken roll-ups
Salmon with orzo and veg
Slow cooker jambalaya with rice
Pita with tabbouleh and feta and hummus
Vegetable noodle soup with bread
Black bean burgers with sweet potatoes

Friday, February 4, 2011

Let's get crafty

Just realized that I never posted picture of my new craft area. I did have all of my stuff in the guest bedroom/junk room, but that is going to be the baby's room so we are working slowly but surely to get it cleaned out. I ordered a craft table off amazon and my wonderful hubby put it together for me one Saturday.

I rearranged our walk-in closet and put the table under the window.

I cleaned out one side of our shelves and placed all my fabric and supplies in rubbermaid bins. Then I used my sillouette machine and vinyal to label them.

I haven't been in there much. I didn't make some cute onesies for a coworkers new little girl but I forgot to take pictures. They were cute though, one with a skirt and matching burp cloth, and one with ruffles on the bottom. I'm sure I be in there soon enough. Making lots of cute things for the little one.

Things I'm Loving This Friday

A surprise snow day!! I don't think anyone, including the weatherman, thought we'd get much in the way of precipitation today. But one of my co-workers texted me at 4:30 this morning saying schools were closed. There was nothing on the ground yet but the snow came rolling in around 9:00.

I went back to sleep and then the doctor called around 7:30. We had an appointment today at 2:00 but they wanted to move it up to ten.
So we went in and heard the baby's heartbeat and had some blood drawn. Although we have our own doppler at home there is just something reassuring about hearing the little one's heartbeat with someone else there to say "yep that's a heartbeat!".

Other things I'm loving.
I saw these boots a few weeks ago but thought they were too expensive and I would not get very much wear out of them. I kept thinking about them. Especially after the last big snow where I wore my rain boots and almost lost my toes to frost bite. We went back the other day and they were on sale. White was not my top choice but that's all that was left. I decided to get them and got to wear them for the first time today. My toes stayed toasty warm, even when purposefully walking through the snow to test them out. I can't wait to wear them with the little one and play in the snow with him/her.

This lotion. I have had such dry itchy skin lately. Gross I know. I thinks it's a combination of the weather and preg hormones. I have tried everything and finally found this. It's a little more expensive than other store brand lotions, but not more that a little tub of body butter I got a Bath and Body Works which did nothing. A little goes a long way with this, it's not greasy at all, and soaks in fast. But best of all the itch goes away fast and stays away. (I sound like a Gold Bond commercial, don't I?)

A clean house. I did a once over of the house when we got back from the doctor. So nice to know we have the rest of the weekend and everything is clean and laundry is caught up. (It's also fun vacuuming with our new dyson;)

Swiss Miss hot chocolate with the little marshmallows. I wish they would sell those teeny-tiny dehydrated marshmallows by them selves. Wonder what would happen if I tried to dehydrate my own mallows? A big mess I bet.

The wrist braclet I got in the mail the other day to go see Beth Moore in April!!!

The chocolate chip cookies I just made.
Except the pregnancy brain that got in the way. I was scooping out the batter and
kept thinking something wasn't right. Hello Liza, add the chocolate chips!!
I always use our silpat when baking or cooking anything in the oven. Nothing sticks and its so easy to clean. You can buy knock offs that work ok, but not as well as the real thing. If you do any sort of baking I suggest you get yourself one. They are easy to store. Takes up no room. They also my dough mats.

Happy Friday!!!!