Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Puzzling Love

-Bradley is a graduate and is headed into his first year of law school. I have made it my duty to form him into a socially conscious lawyer.

-How does that movie get onto the dvd and then off onto the tv? If this can be done how come pantyhose still get runs in them?

-The Boys survived sleep away camp for one night (a preparation for when we go to Florida). But sure were glad to be home. (by boys i mean the two dogs, not 1 dog and my husband)

-What's that I feel? Oh the cool spring evening breeze through the screen of our NEW DOUBLE HUNG RED DOT WARNING UNLOCKED WINDOWS!

-How can those giant cookie crumb coated Weight Watcher fudge bars be only 1 point?

-I heart Lionel Richie and Johnny Depp

-Ordered an outdoor rug for the front porch and am treasure hunting for 2 black rocking chair so I can drink sweet tea and read novels on the porch this summer.

-Allison Iraheta is JEM in real life! (you MUST check out this site)

-I think I have senioritis due to the end of the school year. (hence no paragraphs, again). Wondering if this is going to be a yearly thing, and if it means I am feeling as young as a senior or as old as a one?

-peace out

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We went to the lake last weekend with Coby's family. In all there were 22 of us including 11 adults, 9 kids, and 2 dogs in a trailer with a LARGE deck. Thank goodness for the covered deck! All of the kids wanted to go 4-wheeling so badly but the rain never stopped. When it would let up everyone would rain gear up and then it would begin lightening. Finally it let up long enough to get everyone suited up and on their way. They were able to ride for a few hours in the drizzle, rain, and downpour. I meanwhile, was able to sit on a comfy, dry chair with a blanket and good book on the porch listening to the rain. Here are some pictures. I had some reservations about the safety of ponchos and 4-wheelers but felt it best to keep the comments to myself.

Love that Peri is still able to eat her rice crispy treat through her helmet.

Pops and Brady on his first 4-wheel ride!

Skylar is such a ladies man. Evyn was feeding him, Sterling was rubbing his belly, and Peri was wiping every little dribble from his chin. Oh what a life!