Saturday, April 25, 2009

before april runs out

-making a list because I am to lazy to form paragraphs
-life has been dulldrums lately: not in a Cathy cartoon way
-we went to Craws for Paws last night. i am prefacing this by noting the fact that it was for a very good cause but...i stood in a line the length of a football field for 2 hours for a plate full of mudbugs
-been watching LOST reruns with closed captioning on...(ghost whispering in the jungle) and have decided that i want to name my next dog Mr. Echo
-attempting to grow a mini garden and the dill is a bloomin
-next weekend will be spent at the lake, Coby's brother in coming to town and the weekend after that in Fayetteville for my little brothers college graduation- pictures to come.
-work has been busy. conferences on every kid i see 30+. frustration over parents who call to reschedule so i drive across town and they don't show, and over parents who don't show when their children are being retained because they are failing- no show to me means i don't care. you are the parent YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO CARE!!!!
-our refrigirator broke- maytag man wanted to fix it with a $25 part for $160
we are ordering the part on our own and hoping were are handy enough
-our 1 year anniversary is next weekend! Coby just asked if i want AquaGlobes for an anniversary present- ahh marital bliss.
-catch you on the flip side

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here Comes the Rain

Spring is offically here. I love it. Really going to try to get the front yard in order this year. Adding mulch and bushes. Can't decide what color of azaleas to go with. What matches a gray house without looking crazy loud? Sad the daffodils didn't last longer and have now left me with bunches of useless green leaves.
Spring break is over and I'm onto counting the months left of school. 2.
We spent the weekend at the lake for spring break. The dogs had their first swim of the season.

Now to brag on my husband a bit. He has been working on getting his Certified Executive Chef certification and is just about there. He passed the written and practicum exams and is now just waiting on a few continuing education hours. The annual AR Chef Ball was last Monday and he made a wonderful Thai cocnut lemongrass soup with sweet chili oil and fried rice noodles! YUM. Everyone raved about it.
Lastly, as we continue house improvements we plan on getting new windows before spring is over. Who ever knew how many options there were to windows?! I do think we have picked out what we want and hopefully will have them within the month!
Have to go now-Suze Orman is on Oprah!