Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 25

Just sitting here watching "Perfect Couples". Have you seen this show? So funny! Anyway, thought I would do a quick pregnancy update. Things are going well. The only two annoying "symptoms" is this indigestion that is controlled pretty well by daily medication, and what I think is the beginning of carpal tunnel. Right now it's just my thumb that is numb all the time and hopefully this is the worst of it. I got an appointment today for May to participate in a simple neonatal study (obviously noninvasive or dangerous) at a local hospital. I am mainly doing it to get the free 3-D ultrasound. They will let you bring a CD to record it. I also have my glucose screen tomorrow. I am dreading having to drink that stuff but hopefully everything will turn out alright. Leaving you with a 25 week belly picture. It's not the greatest quality, taken by my tall husband, and my gray shirt kind of blends in with the wall. Not that that makes my belly look any smaller;) And please pay no attention to how big the girls have gotten. Ridiculous!

Happy Friday Eve!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011!!

Yes, last week was spring break around here. What did we do you ask? Well, Coby had his back surgery on Thursday of last week. So our week has been spent at home trying to heal and get some rest. He went in Thursday for a two level disc replacement and spinal fusion. His surgery was scheduled for 2:30 but it didn't actually start until 4:00. The surgery lasted about 3 hours and everything is going well so far. We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the hospital and were able to go home on Sunday afternoon. His pain level is okay most of the time but nights are the worst. He gets real stiff and sore if his goes to long with out getting up and walking. He was also running a low grade fever for a few nights. Needless to say neither of us has had more than 2.5-3 hours of straight sleep in a week. I just keep telling myself that this is just training for when Keller gets here.
Other than napping and handing out pain meds this week a few other exciting this have happened. We got the new iPad 2. I am actually typing this post from it now. So far I love it. I finished my first book on it this morning, "The Help". Any suggestions for my next one?
Keller's bedding also came in. I think it looks really great.

I haven't even started any of the decorating ideas I had for his room. I had planned on at least painting the letters of his name that will hang above his crib. I also have had some other cute ideas that I need to get started on. But the good thing is all the furniture is in and now its just the fun decorating things left. I am also on the hunt for a navy rug. I don't know why rugs have to be so expensive!
We ventured out of the house today and went to eat fish at my parents. Coby still has two more weeks off from work before the doctor will released him. I, on the other hand go back to work on Monday. Only about 3 months left! Keller will be here before we know it. I!ll be 25 weeks tomorrow. Maybe I'll post a belly picture sometime next week, when I actually get out of my sweatpants;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nursery Furniture

I've really got into a bad habit on waiting until late in the week to recap the weekend. I think it's because we have been so busy on the weekends that it takes me that long to recoup. Friday night we put together the rest of the nursery furniture. It only took us about 2 hours too put both the crib and changer together. I am really happy with the way it all turned out. Can't wait to get the matress and the rest of the bedding in.
Here are some low quality iphone pictures. I promise to take some with my good camera once everything is put together.

Saturday we got up, got the house cleaned and then ran some errands. We went to eat lunch then to look for a rug for the nursery. I found one that matched perfectly at Target but it's a little small. So I am trying to figure out if I can some how get two and stich them together. I also found some online but afraid to order any incase the colors don't match.
Then we came home and Coby did the yard and I went to the grocery store. By Sunday I was exhausted! We met my parents for a quick lunch then I crashed for the rest of the day.
Coby is having his back surgery tomorrow. A lower lumbar spinal fusion. This has been weighing on us for awhile now and we are ready to get it over before Keller gets her. It's a fairly involved surgery. It should last about three hours and will probably be in the hospital for 2-3 days. He will be off work for 3 weeks with very limited activity. We scheduled it so I can be off with him next week during spring break. Please keep us in your prayers that everything goes smoothly and that this will relieve all his pain.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

I haven't been so great here lately about post meal plans but I'm since I'm thinking about it I'm going to go ahead and post it.
tomato soup and grilled cheese
chicken quesidillas
homemade pizza
shrimp and grits
chicken spaghetti
steak, potatoes, green beans
I don't assign a certain meal to a certain night of the week. I could never stick to it. For instance Coby was going to grill steaks last night but was to tired so I ended up making grilled cheese. He grilled the steaks tonight and the chicken for the rest of the week so I won't have to worry about taking the time to cook that when I get home from work. He also sauteed my vegetable for the chicken spaghetti. Just one of the perks of being married to a chef. It really does help to do what "prep work" you can while you have time so you just reheat or assemble the dish and heat during the week. Just a little "chef' wife" tip;)

22 Weeks

We had quite a day yesterday. We had a painter scheduled to come out and paint Keller's room. He said he would be there early, and he was. He showed up at 7:00 a.m. NOT my usual waking hour on a Saturday. But it was nice to get up and get some things done. I cleaned the house, caught up on laundry. Sidenote, does laundry seem like the neverending task to anyone else. As soon as I put the last load in to catch up a little laundry monster comes and dumps a whole new load in my basket! I was then able to get to the grocery store. All before 10:00! Coby was up and ran to work for a few minutes. He had the great idea of checking Walmart to see if the nursery furniture was in. Turns out only one piece was there (eventhough the girl said all pieces were). He picked up the dresser and brought it home. We had some lunch and then started putting it together. Getting the pieces out put me into a slight panic. The wood color looked like it had a lot of red undertones. It was supposed to be espresso colored. But we are also looking at it in direct light. Once we got it into the room the finished looked much better. THEN, Coby pulled out a the top of the dresser and the molding was broken off. Cue tears, panic, frustration, and a 15 minute bout of searching the internet for another set of furniture. The only other set I had found that was in our price range and I liked was "unavaliable at this time". So we decided to stick with what we had. It was an easy repair, just a little wood glue. I also looked through my "Baby Bargin" book and the brand we bought, Graco, got an A. So I was afraid of what another brand would be. Once it was put together I really liked it. It was heavy and sturdy. We moved it into the room and turns out it's about an inch to wide for the place on the wall I wanted to put it. I'll just have to wait until we get all the furniture in to see if there is another arraingment that would work. If not I guess it will have to work.

I am also really happy with how the paint turned out. It's hard to get a good picture and I'm sure everything will look a lot better once everything it put together, but here's a picture.

I also wanted to mention the "Baby Bargin" book. A co-worker recommended it to me and it has been so helpful. I list brands, price, safety rating of ever baby/toddler item. I have used it as a guide when purchasing and registering for everything. So helpful. Would be a nice little gift for anyone starting this journey.

Everything on the actual pregnancy home front is good. We went to the doctor on Friday. She said everything looked good. Listened to heartbeat and mentioned how much he was moving. I have been feeling him move a lot more and stronger. I can feel patterns of when he is awake during the day. Usually early morning, around 10 in the morning. around 1-3 in the afternoon and before I go to bed. Coby still has not felt him. I think it's just going to take patience. But today was the first day I could see my belly move from the outside. I was laying on the couch with the remote on my stomach. I felt him move and could see the remote move when Keller did. So I lifted up my shirt and sure enough I could see little kicks. That is such a fun feeling. The doctor also gave the the sugar drink for the dreaded glucose test next time. They let you drink it 30 min prior to your appointment so you don't have to sit there for an hour which is nice.
Hope everyone has a had a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Boy oH Boy

I was telling Coby the other day how he was so lucky this little one is a boy because we would have to refinance the house to afford all the cute girls clothes I see. I had always heard people say how much easier it is to find cute girl clothing but never realized how true it is until I started looking. Cute and stylish boy clothing is so much harder to come by. Most of it is plain or has some sort of cartoon on it. To each his own but I have always said that my kids would not wear character clothing (i.e. Bob the Builder, Transformers). I'm sure I will eat my words later. So far I have only picked up a few (2) outfits for Keller. On was from Target and is a green polo shirt under a cute pair of "train conductor" overalls. I LOVE little boys in overalls!
I have been scouring the intranets for some crafty boy ideas and it just so happens that Dana at MADE started her Celebrate the Boy 2011 the week we found out we were having a boy. This site is great and she always has wonderful ideas, great tutorials, and links to other crafters.
I have also been looking through Etsy and found lots of cute things.
Here are some pictures and the shops they come from...

I love little boys in hats and beanies. I think it's the boy version of the bow.

This one is definitely on the wishlist.

I also think these little jon jons are cute but I just don't know if they are my style or if Coby would let me get anywhere near his boy with the intentions of putting this on him.
Shrimp & Grits Kids
As you can see most of the items I love are more like accessories.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

21 weeks

Can you believe I am actually posting during the week! I have a few things to catch up on. Here are some more ultrasound photos of Keller...
It's a BOY!! (he's going to be so embarrassed in 15 years;)

The top of his head with his hands up by his face.

His arm and hand. I love this one!

Spine and ribs.

His face. Kinda resembles Skelator here, but you can see some chubby cheeks! Wish we would have gotten a good profile picture.

His legs all stretched out. This is another one of my favorites.

And finally a belly picture of me at 21 weeks. This is the best picture of about 20 that Coby took while saying "work it girl, work it". Hence this might be the only belly pic we will get.

We have picked out paint for Keller's room. We have a painter coming on Saturday!Green as an accent wall and taupe color for the rest of the walls. The green in the picture looks a little much but I promise it isn't so yellowing, neon in real life. Both the green and taupe match the colors in his bedding.

An here is a picture of the car seat we got. I know it's still early but I found this online at Albee Baby. I had looked all over for the Graco Infant Snugride22 and could never find the color or fabric I liked. I wanted something easy to wipe down and a solid color (no Winnie the Poo print please). I figured the car seat is one of the most used and seen baby item for the first few months so I went ahead and got what I wanted while I could.

Well I think I am about all caught up. Now I have to go figure out what we're having for dinner. I had planned for chicken tacos but forgot to defrost the chicken.
P.S. You like the new layout? I did the header myself (after 2 hours of panic that I had deleted my whole blog).