Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 years old!

Keller turned 2 on the 8th and we had his birthday on the 13th. I tried to keep it low key this year. We had the party at the park up the street and kids and family's just came and played for the morning. Keller had a great time although I think he preferred playing in the iced drink container and sneaking skittles:)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer photo overload

Asher Grace's first photo
 End of the school year photo day.

 First mothers day gift.

 Travelers game.
 Saturday morning breakfast.
 Sprinkler fun!

 Front porch living.

 Lake days.

 Dare devil.


 Blueberry picking.
 Nature walks.

Baby #2

Written in March/April......
So here's the story. It took us 2 years, fertility treatments, one failed IVF, and finally one successful FET in order to have Keller. After having him we decided that since God is obviously in control, not us, we would leave the rest of our kids, if any, up to Him. We had one frozen blastocyte and had planed to transfer that the summer Keller turned two. Notice I said "planed". We should have known better. I was late by a few days, and we had both had actual dreams I was pregnant. I have NEVER had a pregnancy dream when I wasn't pregnant. On Wednesday morning (March 13) I was at work and started feeling a little woozy. I really didn't believe I could be pregnant. I mean after 3+ years I didn't think there was anyway we could get pregnant on our own. I went ahead and took a test (yes at work; hopefully the only pregnancy test to be taken in that middle school bathroom) just so I could move on and not live in limbo. I was totally prepared to see one line. And then one turned to two... Shock is an understatement. This was not in the PLAN! After trying so long for Keller I feel guilty even saying that. It was just a SHOCK! I had always heard "stories" from people about a "friend of a friend who adopted/had IVF then got pregnant on their own". I hated those stories when we were trying to get pregnant. I didn't want to be that person who people told my miraculous story to their "poor infertile friends". I know I sound awful and ungrateful. This could not be further from the truth. I'm just trying to get the point across that what we obviously had "planned" for our lives is NOT what God had planned. And I am apparently so Type A that he has to go to extreme measures........

Then life got in the way so I am finishing the recap now.
So after getting over the shock of being pregnant I began preparing for a boy. Because I just knew it would be a boy. HA! Mid June we had THE ultrasound and the tech said "yep those are girl parts". Excuse me?! I had to ask her to check again at the end and sure enough 20 minutes later still a girl. She was breech, and stretched out long, facing forward. She moves ALL the time so hopefully she will flip around at some point.
We've decided on a name... Asher Grace.
I've bought a few clothes, things I find on sale, but I'm trying to not go too overboard. I am finding out that restraint is a good thing to have when it come to girls clothes.
So here we are now at 22 weeks. Over half way there! Asher seems to have already fallen right into place in our family. Nothing to out of the ordinary and life is proceeding as normal as I am sure it will when she gets here...Bahahah!!!