Monday, March 17, 2008


That's what my weekend was!

Friday night was very low key, just like I like them. We had pizza (Shotgun Dan's..our fav) and watch LOST and an episode of Saturday Night Live. Generous gifts from TiVo. I'm going to try to post a clip of a sketch from SNL. I LOVE Project Runway and this clip was HE-lariou

I spent Saturday in the kitchen cooking oreo cupcakes and icing-from SCRATCH! They didn't turn out to well, but not bad. Everyone at Tom and Nikki's going away, where we were on Sunday, appreciated them.
We had a very lovely shower thrown for us on Satuday night at Dee's house. Thanks to Dee, Jenny, and Lindsay for all your work. We had a wonderful time!

Sunday was church and then Nikki and Tom's (and Kate's) party. They are moving to New Jersey and will be greatly missed.
Such a busy weekend. Tomorrow is St. Patties and the week will be over sooner than later.

Friday, March 7, 2008

So it snowed, then was warm and the flowers bloomed, then it rained, then it sleeted, then nothing, now it snows again.
Poor Poor Uncertain Weathermen.
Here are some pictures of the dogs in the snow-they loved it!