Wednesday, June 29, 2011


How do you like it? Coby graciously went to the grocery store for us yesterday and came home with a beautiful watermelon. I LOVE them! Probably my favorite fruit for many reasons. You can only get the good ones in the summer making them a "hot" ;) commodity. Good cold or room temp. You just slice and eat. I personally think that the more seeds the better the melon. I have never had a really good seedless watermelon.

I cut ours up this afternoon. It was a juicy mess but sooooo gooooood!!!

Now I just have to restrain myself so I don't eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Dogs life

So we have two dogs. They are our babies, the reason we met, fell in love, and are now expecting a baby. Most people ask how we think they will do once Keller is here. Chox, the brown one, can be a bit needy. He enjoys attention and being petted. He will lay next to you IF you are giving him lovins', if not he could care less. He has been know to get jealous of Tasso, i.e. will bite his back legs if Tasso is getting petted. He has also been know to chew a few non-dog items if he is mad at you. But he is funny, smart, entertaining, and generally obedient. I am not really worried about him and Keller. He might take a toy that does not belong to him but other than that he will be fine if we set, and enforce, the rules right away.
Tasso is the opposite. He is a lover all around. He loves his tennis ball and the water, but he loves Coby even more. He is his shadow. If Coby goes outside without him he will watch out the window and whine until he comes back in. He always lays next to Coby in the bed, (don't judge, it's a whole other post), with his head on his chest. BUT, Sunday night he jumped into the bed a made a little spot next to me and laid his head on my chest. In three years he has NEVER done this. I thought surely he knows something I don't. I was hoping he was thinking I was going to go into labor. Now I think maybe he knew my BP was a little high. Who knows? But he has not left my side. Even when Coby is home. He follows me around the house and even into the bathroom.
Next to me on the couch. It's hard to get a good picture of him since he is so black.

This is what I see when I roll over in the morning.

If only he could talk!

Practice Run

We had a doctors appt yesterday (38 weeks 3 days). She checked me and much to my dismay there was no progress. My blood pressure was, what the nurse called, borderline, and my feet and legs are still swelling like crazy. As in turning a slight shade of purple at some points during the day. I had also expressed some concern that Keller had not really been moving much that morning or the day before.

Sunday night he was kicking and punching a ton but I rarely felt him all day Monday. Very unlike him. He did get the hiccups twice Monday night and I also got the doppler out and I knew everything was ok. Just a little concerned because he was not acting like himself. Funny how he is not even here but I know his patterns and a little of his personality.

My doctor decided to play it safe (which I appreciate) and sent us to labor and delivery to be monitored for a few hours. After a mini breakdown, mostly because I was unprepared, we were at L&D. I never thought we would stay, it was just surprising to be in the place we would soon be having Keller. On the plus side I now kind of know what to expect when the real time comes.

After they got me hooked up Keller, obviously, started moving like crazy. Making momma look like a crazy person. I should have known. He does NOT like having anything rest on him. If I rest a bowl, plate, or even my iPad on my belly he will instantly start kicking on it until I move it. He didn't not like the monitors strapped on "his house" and started kicking. The nurse said he looked great the whole time. Coby was fantastic. Stayed with me the whole time. And might have even got a mid-day snooze in;)

My blood pressure went down just a little once I was laying down for a while. I think the highest it got was ~133/87. My doctor released us asking me to take it easy and not go back to work. I was only going in for a few hours in the afternoon so not a big deal. I've been laying around today. Trying to get a few things around the house finished but taking plenty of breaks. Coby is stopping by my parents house before he comes home tonight to pick up a blood pressure monitor just to be safe.

We are REALLY ready for you to come now Keller!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sunday School Shower

Anytime now baby Keller. We are ready for you!! I did my last camp training session of the summer on Wednesday and VBS just wrapped up last night. Those were the last two items on the agenda that I was holding out for, but now those are finished Keller can come anytime. We went to the doctor last Monday and not much was happening. Our next appointment is Tuesday morning so we'll see.
I've been up since 4:30 this morning. Couldn't go back to sleep but it's just now 8:00 and I've completed half of my to-do list. Left on the agenda today is to get Keller's car seat installed, finish up some laundry, and write some thank you notes. The girls in my Sunday School class gave me an amazing shower last weekend. We made personal pizza and had salad and yummy cake. Keller got tons of cute clothes and some really great practical things as well. I still can't believe how blessed we have been. Here are some pictures.
Here I am offically "full term" before the shower. 37 weeks.

Some of the girls.

Adorable diaper cake!

Burp cloth!!

Hopefully the next time I post it will have a picture of our sweet baby boy!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

And So It Begins...

And not I'm not talking about labor. I'm referring to those last stages of pregnancy. The ones that people keep warning me about. "I was so uncomfortable that last month", "Are you miserable yet? No? Well you will be", "I bet that baby can't come soon enough". Up till now I have felt pretty good and really feel like I have been very lucky. I'm not saying I'm absolutely miserable but I will say I'm glad I only have a few weeks left. My legs, ankles, and feet continue to swell, esp. on days when I'm pretty active. At night they feel so sore like someone has beaten them with a bamboo cane and left them black and blue. The bigger I get the harder it is to move around, get out of the car or roll over in bed. I'm even to the size that I have to straddle the toilet in most public restrooms just so the door has enough room to swing in. I can't imagine how those ladies who have litters of babies must feel. All of that being taken into account I still consider myself lucky and all these "issues" are par for the course. The worst, most unbearable problem has been heartburn, indigestion, GERD, reflux, or whatever you want to call it. I'll call it third degree acid burn of the esophagus. You might think I am over exaggerating a touch but really I'm not. It started during the beginning of the second trimester and has continued. I started out with Tums then got the ok from my dr. to start taking Prevacid daily. It was ok as long as I was taking it but if I missed a day I knew it instantly. A few days ago I ran out of my magic pills and was feeling pretty good so I did not buy anymore. I thought that Keller had dropped a little and in turn the reflux had gone away. I was wrong. I went to dinner with friends last night and made the poor, poor choice of enjoying some Bang, Bang Shrimp at Bonefish. As soon as I laid down in bed I knew I was in for it. Coby had been going since four in the morning and didn't get home until 11:00. I had taken a few Tums, but was still in pain.

I fell asleep for about an hour then woke up and tried to sleep, unsuccessfully, in the recliner. At about two in the morning I headed to the store for some Prevacid. Apparently Walgreens is not twenty-four hours so I drove all the way out to Wal-mart where I made this purchase...

Almond milk, my friends, is like nectar from the gods for a bad case of reflux.
By the time I got home the Prevacid had kicked in and a glass of milk made my throat feel much better. I was able to sleep for a few hours. I know this sounds dramatic, and I really am not trying to complain. I would endure this again with no meds if it meant getting Keller here.
As I was in the store I notice the expiration date on the milk.

I took me a second comprehend. I have been so focused on 7-10-11 (give or take a few days ;) that I realized, at 2:30 in the morning at Wal-Mart, that the days will continue to pass even after Keller is here. Things will continue to happen, like this milk will spoil after he is here. Such a weird yet exciting thought.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Keller's Room

We are finally about finished with Keller's room!! Here are a few pictures. There is still a little organizing that needs to be finished.
View from the door to his room.

Opposite wall with his crib.

Back wall with closet and chest of drawers. I need to find a mirror to hang above it.

The huge bean bag with with stuffed monster I made.

Canvases with silly monsters I made.

The rug. I found 3 small ones at Target and stitched together to make a big one.

Hope he loves it!

Week 35!!

About two weeks away from full term!!!People keep asking me "aren't you hot what with this weather and being pregnant?". Truthfully everyone is hot. I'm still feeling pretty good. Sleep is getting to be a little more inconsistent. Harder to get comfortable and bathroom breaks at least 3 times per night. My feet are starting to swell quite a bit. I think it's mostly from the heat and being so busy lately. I thought my blood pressure might be little high yesterday morning but when I checked it again it was normal. I don't think the machine monitor at Kroger is very accurate. Hopefully with school being over I can now get some last minute things finished. I need to finish up his laundry, get our bags packed, get the car seat in the car, and I'm sure some other things I'm forgetting. We went for another 3-D ultrasound last week and will go again next Friday. Keller is ~6 pounds already!!They say it can be 10 oz either way so we'll see!! The nurse also said she could see some hair. I have had the worst indigestion which they say is a sign of a lot of hair.

Isn't he a pudge?! Coby says he will be the arm wrestling champion of the world;)

On the Other Side

School is finally over!!! These last few weeks have been so busy. I feel like we had something almost every evening and our weekends had been all booked up. I've been working on some committees at church, and starting to do some training at Camp Aldersgate. Besides the crazy schedule it's been HOT! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to.
A few Saturday's ago some of my best friends threw me a wonderful baby shower. We got lots of great things.
Jenny, me, and Dee.

Lindsay and me.

My mom and me.

Some of the cute decorations and food.

I also had a shower thrown by my coworkers at the place I do contract work. I was great but wasn't able to snag any pictures. Next Friday the girls in my Sunday school class are giving me one as well. We are SO BLEST!
Last weekend was Weston's first birthday. Can't believe he's already one!

Last night I went to a birthday dinner for a friend that I work with, and I made this yummy peanut butter cheesecake.

Hopefully things will start to slow down and I can enjoy a few weeks before Keller gets here!!