Friday, April 30, 2010

this, that, and tornados

Just a few thoughts while I sit here listening to the tornado sirens. (they passed under us but did cause a lot of damage, injuries, and deaths- please keep those affected in your prayers)

I got my order in yesterday from and I am very please. The order came very quicky and the shampoo caps were taped down and cleaning products sealed in ziplock bags to prevent leakage.
Have you heard of 3 seams ministry? It's kinds like TOMS but for little girls dresses. Would make a great gift.
Finally. Go read this article. It's about the "darker side" of farmers markets. That's why we choose to go to the market in the Argenta District. Here's a snip-it.
"Three years ago, Jody Hardin, a fifth-generation vegetable and livestock farmer from Grady, Ark., quit the Little Rock River Market and launched a rival "source-verified" market. He says he grew tired of competing with "entrenched peddlers" selling non-local food. He recalls a reseller who brought strawberries from California and repackaged them in green cartons with Arkansas-grown labels and a rock-bottom price."
Oh-Oh. Here comes round 2. Gotta go put the dogs back in the bathroom.
Stay safe.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Props to You

So I am home today with some sort of eye funk. Eww I know. The eye doctor recommended to stay home for the day. Doctors orders, eh? So I've been wanting to give props to some people who have made my life easier/improved my life by sharing what works for them. I am all about sharing anything that will make life better.
First is Kat. She did this post the other day about Something I had never heard of but decided to check out. I made my first order two days ago and got an e-mail yesterday saying it had shipped. is an online shopping system, if you will, that lets you order all basic household items. They have t-p, OTC medicines, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, and much more. It will let you compare lots of products by price and price per unit (which i love and wal-mart does not have). It will also let you set up a reminder system for when you need to order certain things. All shipping is free and I have found that the prices are very comparable to shopping in a store.
Second is Emily. She did this post on C25K. I am really trying to exercise more. I used to run ~everyday and just got out of the habit. I am really trying to loose some weight before we go to San Francisco. (i am doing weight watchers and that is why i have not had meal plan mondays in awhile-lean cuisines wouldn't really fill a post) (AND i have lost 7 pounds already!) Anyway, C25K (couch to 5K) is an iphone app that allows you to upload your own play list then sets you up on a running/walking schedule. A voice tells you "RUN", "WALK", "YOU ARE 1/2 WAY DONE", and "THIS IS YOUR LAST RUN"-that one's my favorite. They have a website too.
So these are the tidbit of shared info that might help you. Pay it forward, right? Now I must put a cold compress on my eyes.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Laugh So Hard You Cry

So this has been our last weekend of laziness. May is filled with our anniversary (Coby is planning!), baby showers, wedding showers, house warming parties, dinners at chuch and with friends. I am excited to get the summer kicked off right. Saturday I went to a baby shower, in the trentual down pour, and then came home and Coby and I knocked out the house cleaning for the week. Saturday night we went to Caws for a Cause at Dickey Stephens baseball field. The lines were for-ev-er but the night turned out fun. It's always great to visit with old friends and new in such a casual atmosphere. Most of today has been spent on the couch watching The Hills marathon. Sick. I know. What a waste. I know. Ah well, I'll get to the laundry tomorrow. Lastly, we are huge fans of AFV (America's Funniest Home Videos). A few weeks ago they had a video that was, hands down, the funniest thing I had ever seen. I tried to find it on their website and couldn't. Tonight it was on their $100,000 show. I was so hoping they would win but some stupid dancing baby won. Anyway, I found it. I don't think it will let me embed it so here's the link. Watch it. Now. So funny! (You'll have to watch a commercial first then the video will show.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Must Love Dogs

Today Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Life: How You Met Your Husband. I thought I would share our story since our 2 year wedding anniversary is next weekend (May 2nd) and I have never shared this story on here.
Around July of 2007 I was living by myself in my newly purchased house (February of 2007). I decided that I needed a dog. So I went to Helping Little Paws and fell in love with this face.

Soon after one of my dear college friends, Carrie, moved in while she was finishing up speech pathology school in LR. I got into the habit of either taking Chox down to the dog park after work or going for a walk at Murry Park (near the dog park). One time while down at the dog park with Chox I saw this tall cute guy in a ball cap. I'm a sucker for guys in baseball caps. He was playing fetch with his handsome black lab and didn't really seem to interested in anything else.

I took note and went home and told Carrie "there was this really cute guy at the park" and left it at that. About a week later Carrie and I went walking and I told her "that guy's car is at the park" (yes I saw what car he had gotten into when he left/that has caused my husband to call me a stalker as in "she was a totally stalking me) and left it like that. Another week later and I took Chox to the park again, and "that cute guy" was there. I saw it as God/the universe telling me to go for it. I worked up the courage and walked over by the cute guy and his handsome dog. I don't even remember if I spoke first or what I said, but it was very small talk. I was super nervous. Not being accustomed to taking to random guys without a little liquid courage;) Anyway that conversation sort of fizzeled away as it got dark and everyone started to leave the park. We said a quick "nice to meet you" and then left. In my car I was thinking "welp, that didn't go so well". I pulled out of the parking lot and turned down the opposite way of my house but toward the gas station (I was running on empty). As I pulled into the gas station I saw that he had pulled in next to me. I panicked for a minute thinking "this guy just followed me" but then the whole God/universe thing kicked in and I rolled down my window. He said "I just wanted to day that it was nice to meet you" I responded with, after summoning up all the courage I had left, "you too, you should call me some time". Then I gave him my number and he drove off. WHAT!? I just gave some random guy my phone number? That anxiety lasted about 10 minutes then I got over it. It just felt right. I rushed home and told Carrie all about it.
The rest is really history. He called, we talked, we meet again at the dog park a few times, then we went out one our real first date, we fell quickly in love, and married.
People always ask if "the boys" (Chox-brown dog, Tasso-black dog) got along. The answer is YES they loved each other from the start, too.

And they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring in AR

I used to despise the fact that I have to drive to Scott for work two times a week for one kid. So out of the way but every spring I quickly change my mind.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

So fresh and so clean clean

I got a new look. Last time I revamped I wanted something fresh and light and some how ended up with gray. No more. Don't you love the yellow? Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Fotoflexor is amazing. And Amanda gave a great tutorial on how to add a signature to the bottom of posts. All very amature image work but I think it turned out ok.
Now I must go join my husband on the porch for dinner. My eyes are going crossed!

Hey Batter, Batter, Batter!

Coby and I drove up to Fayetville on Saturday and watched the diamond hogs play the second game of their 3 game series against the Georgia Bulldogs. They had won their game on Friday and won the game on Saturday 10-2. So far they are ahead 6-2 today. I love baseball and we had been wanting to make it to a game all year. The weather was sketchy and not soon after we got there did is start to drizzle. Then it rained, not hard. Just enough to annoy until the last inning when it let up. The weather did not ruin our fun though. We just bundled up under a blanket and poncho.
We sat behind the bullpen in stadium seating. Behind us was a grassy area where you can bring in your own coolers, bbq, and bag-o. $10 a ticket. Not bad for an afternoon of fun.

These boys enjoyed heckling the Bulldog outfielders who coincidentally had a good amount of errors.

This was us at the beginning of the game.

And a self portrait at the end.

Since the dogs were left at home ALL day yesterday we took them to climb Pinnacle this morning, then to chase the ball at the park. After the park we went to the grocery store then came home and made yummy tuna sandwiches for lunch. Now all my boys are sleeping. Laundry is caught up and the grocery shopping is done. I think I'll browse the web then maybe take a nap.
Good weekends to you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sun Sun Mister Golden Sun

What a beautiful weekend we have had. The weather has been great and we have been taking full advantage. Yesterday morning we went the the Fresh Market to buy somethings for dinner. Don't you just love that place? We cleaned house that afternoon and began preparing dinner. Coby had invited a friend from high school and his wife over for dinner. He prepared a salad, grilled ciabatta bread, grilled sea bass over quinoa, and grilled green beans. MMmmm mmm. It was really good. I had planned on making baked peaches and cream but when I cut the peaches open they didn't look so good so I ended up with a strawberries and cream parfait. I took a few pictures but again forgot to get a picture of the final product.

Today we went and got some azalea, a tomato plant, and a jalapeno plant. Coby planted some herbs last weekend and hopefully we will get the azaleas, tomatoes, and peppers planted this week. But today looks like a Master's oriented day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

He is Risen

Happy belated Easter to everyone. This spring has turned out to be a busy one. We had both our families over for Easter lunch after church on Sunday. I made some homemade rolls (first time ever baking bread) that turned out pretty well. We also had some roasted asparagus and scalloped potatoes, salad, ham, carrot cake, and "bird's nests". Needless to say we ate well and there were not many left overs. I had an egg hunt for the kids. It was lots of fun.
And now pictures...
These letters were on sale for 70% off at Hobby Lobby, ~$4...

plus a little paint. Not bad.

Homemade carrot cake. It was gooooood.

An unfortunate incounter with the new mandoline. Won't be using that again anytime soon. Good thing my husband is an expert at fixing kitchen injuries.

The "bird's nests".

And finally some pics of the kids and the egg hunt.

Hope everyone had as great an Easter as we did!

I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.
Philippians 3:10-12