Thursday, August 28, 2008

This weeks challenge comes from the Saturn car company. (I didn't realize Bravo was so cheap.) Saturn model cars were filled with car part/pieces. The designers had to design an outfit based on their own asthetic and innovation using this material. The designs this week were fairly interesting.
Korto made it to the top three again with this coat dress made of seat belts.

The winner. I thought this piece was very intersting.

My personal fav. The skirt ruffle is made from car filters with a custom zebra Sharpie print.

The LOzer...long time commin'

Leaving you with the MOST RIDICULICOUS I've ever seen!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sorry to disappoint

But they would not allow pictures to be taken at the Our Body exhibit. I give it
1 & 1/2 thumbs up. I took gross anatomy in college and had seen most of what the exhibit was about. The disection of the cadavers was amazing. You could see all the nerves, veins, and arteries. I wish they would have displayed more "abnormalities" of the body (i.e. broken bones, anurysms). Does this make me morbid? I just find it all very interesting.
We did get a chance to explore the rest of the museum. I love all the hands on stuff they have to do. The only down fall?...All those kids who want to play and make you feel obligaged to let them go first! Ha, it is fun to see kids so enthralled and excited.
The museum currently has an exhibit call Grossology. Here are some pics.

The sign warns parents to keep children from using the toilet at intended.

You had to guess what scent you were smelling.
The options? FEET, ARMPIT, MOUTH, and ANUS
This thought just occured..."Why did I willingly participate?"

The snot area...

The most annoying game ever! I love it!

Flatulence...the scientific reasoning of how the sound varies. Something about vibration and air pressure. (Can't believe I am commenting).

All in all it made for a fun Saturday. If you haven't been the the Mid-America Museum (or its just been awhile) go. It's a good time!

Friday, August 22, 2008

You better Work!

This weeks challenge was a little more exciting than the past few weeks. RuPaul being the guest judge you can only imagine what the challenge was! Design an outfit for a drag queen that fit their personalities.

Not my personal fav but I think it won because, and I quote, "hides the candy well".
Korto was again in the top three.

The looser...

It was a long time comming. Daniels designs were always on the boring side.

This weekend we plan on going to Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit at the Mid-America Museum in Hot Springs. It is an exhibit showcasing cadaver bodies with anatomy and physiology education. I am very excited and have been wanting to go since it opened. Coby on the other hand is taking me out of husbandly duty. We'll see how he stomachs it. I will take pictures (if allowed) and give a full report once we go.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out...

School started for the kids today. (I started last Thursday.) Things went fairly smoothly, you know, no definate schedules, student classroom assignments, and kindergarteners throwing chairs. Smooth, right? Oh okay I'm making things seem worse than they are, and really I am glad to be back at school. I did some contract work over the summer at a great clinic and will miss it but am ready for a fall routine to follow. Ready for cooler weather, and LOST to return to it's regularly scheduled showings.
As you know we have been doing projects around the house. We also got some new furniture and have done some rearranging. I am going to share pictures of my favorite piece. It is a find I have searched far and wide for.

Isn't it wonderful!
Granite top, bamboo body (very green), two baskets, a drawer, a removable tray, and a wine rack. Now, I will let you in on the secret of where I got it. You see, wally world has a kitchen cart for $100 and not nearly as nice. This one comes from...

How much you ask ~$80!!!!!
Don't be fooled if you visit this site. Look to the top right of the home page and you will see a link for the outlet, where all the good deals are. I've ordered a few things from them and things are always shipped in a timely mannar and the product is as advertised.
Let me know if you find anything fun!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blue Lagoon meets Lipstick Jungle

This weeks challange comes from Brooke Sheilds.

I must say, one of my favorite movies.
Anyway, the challenge was to design a day to night look for her character on some show called LIPSTICK JUNGLE. Have never seen it, and the name dissuades me from doing so.

The designers had to work in 6 teams of two.
Korto was choosen to lead a team. This was the end result

Who's out?

This looks inspired the comment "slutty, slutty, slutty" from Michael Kors and "you can't get taste if you don't have it" from Nina. OUCH!
Dare we forget that this was the girl who gave us the tie-died vacuum bags as a skirt in the first challenge and won!
Although a little much it's more interesting than this old navy inspired getup from Blaine!

Who was named the winner?


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Projects II

We finished the floors!!!!Yeah!!!!
Pictures of Coby using the sander, the shop-vac Coby insisted we needed, and our sleeping quareters for the past week (the living room). The shop-vac did turn up very useful. Wondering if it has some sort of child cleaning attachment. Would be very useful on down the road.

Also pictures of the final project. It was a task but we are glad we did it, and we are glad it is finished!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh Say Can You See!

The challenge...An outfit for the US olympians to wear during the opening ceremonies.
And the gold medal goes to..............

Yeah!!!! for Korto!!!!!
In last place.....

I mean REALLY! What does this have to do with the olympics or US in general? Stop wasting my time!
The silver and bronze goes to....

So what did the olympians really wear you ask. Designed by Ralph Lauren....