Saturday, August 29, 2009

For the love of the weekend

I have been loving our weekends lately. Not that I didn't love them before, but lately I feel like they have been productive and relaxing. We have been getting up early on Saturdays and taking the dogs to the park and then going to the farmers market. We have developed and addiction to purple hull peas and walk around the greater part of the weekend with violet thumbs as a result. I have been caught up on housework and laundry without feeling like it's a burden. We've been napping on Sunday afternoons and staying awake long enough on Sundays to catch Entourage. Weekends...keep 'em coming.

On a side note: Project Runway. Where do I start? I don't know if it is the change from Bravo to Lifetime or what, but this season has been rather disappointing. Beginning with what's his name beating out Korto with a blue spandex bike shirt and black bubble mini dress. Huh? Then there's the appearance of the guest, fashion designer judge in the first episode. Did you miss it? Are you in suspense? Well hold tight because it was.......Lindsay Lohan! (sense the sarcasm?) I'll probably keep watching because it is being DVRed and I will need some relief from the upcoming football season, but don't expect any posts unless Tim Gun lights a fire under those designers.

Leaving you with pictures.
The coma inducing cheesecake that Coby made for my mom's birthday.

And just one of the reasons we love the crazy brown dog.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Naughty Naughty Boy

Coby wonders why I nag him to keep the shed door closed. The brown one can't be trusted.

When's Christmas break?

Fit pitching kindergartners, bipolar 1st graders, over anxious parents, disorganized teachers.
School has officially begun.
The kids started on Wednesday. I think to ease both the kids and teachers in. I was super busy/crazy. Some of my schools did not have art/music/PE schedule yet. Which I need to make my schedule because I can't pull my kids out of art/music/PE. I can pull them out of reading/math/history but not art/music/PE...anyone else think this rule is redunkulous? Anyway, the week is over and I think everyone is officially "in the swing of thing".

I have been feeling artistically inspired lately and have had a few projects going. We are throwing a baby shower for one of Coby's friends and his wife in the beginning of October. (I going to have to put up fall decor for the shower, then take it down and put up Halloween decor, then take that down and put the fall decor back up- Coby thinks I should be committed). It's going to be on a game day with a football/fall theme. I've got the invitations made and addressed. I've started working on some onesies (will post pictures when complete) and painted the wooden letters of the boys name.

We also had girls night out at The Painted Pig on Thursday. I decided to do a pasta bowl. I've been wanting one but could never find one I liked. I'll take a picture after I pick it up.

ALSO.....Project Runway has moved to Lifetime (not sure what happened to Bravo) and started on Thursday with an All-Stars episode with Korto and the LA season premier! Had to DVR it and plan on watching this weekend.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bon Appetit

We went to see "Julie & Julia" yesterday and I highly recommend it. I'm not a huge movie buff but I would totally purchase this one. Meryl Streep might have an Oscar on the way. It was funny, informative, heartfelt, and entertaining. The movie is based on Julia Child's life combined with the true story of a woman who cooked her way through Julia's cookbook while blogging about it. I'm asking for the complete set of Julia Child's cooking show on DVD for Christmas. I deem her WAY cooler than Martha!
After the movie we ran some errands and then came home to cook some dinner. Coby grilled corn and steak and made some purple hull peas he got at the farmers market. I have to say that these were by far the BEST peas I have every eaten. He also got the dogs some treats at the NLR farmers market. His friend, Jason, (they used to work at the catering co. together) and his wife started Frank & Izzy's dog food. They make "food", which we use as treats, from mostly AR products...sweet potatoes, spinach...and chicken or beef. They are reasonably priced and the boys love them more than beggin' strips!
That's been about it for our weekend. We've had a lazy day after church and plan doing some ironing and having beer can chicken for dinner. Never had it so we'll see.
School starts on Wednesday for me. I had to option of starting next Monday and work 3extra days at the end of the year but I know I would regret making that choice in mid-June. So Wednesday it is. Back to life. Back to reality.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Get your fix here

We had our wedding reception at Pavilion in the Park. It's a high class shopping center here in LR with a great indoor space. The food was provided by Trio's and they did a fantastic job. We got so many compliments on the food. The flowers and table decorations were done by Distinctive Designs by Tanarah. She is amazing! All I told her was I want something classic but modern and simplistic. She did it all! It was beautiful. I really wanted our reception to be an event where people could be comfortable, have a place to sit, and enjoy the music but still be able to talk. It was a big venue that allowed for that but it was much harder for me to get to visit with everyone. But now that I think about it the one thing everyone told me before our wedding was that it won't last long enough and you will feel rushed. I didn't feel all that rushed but feel like it FLEW by. I felt like I had just gotten there when it was time to throw the bouquet and leave through the blaze of sparklers. Maybe we can do it all again in 50 or so years!

She did all the tables different with a variety of flowers and linens.

(Since Coby is a chef) We bottled olive oil with tags saying "Olive our love and thanks to you" as our gifts to our guests.

Everyone danced!

The garter and bouquet toss.


Sparklers and away we go!

Leaving with dreams of Jamaica.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Party like it's 1999!

(a phrase NOT allowed on the senior t-shirt b/c of the unruley word "PARTY")

So yeah. 10 years are gone and 10 more to look forward to.
Friday night was the school tour with Sister Deb. Might I just say how I adore Sister Deb and how I'm 99.9% sure the feelings of my classmates are the same. The school on the other hand was another world. NEW this, NEW that. Didn't even recognize most places but for every season there is a change.
Saturday I had everyone over for the afternoon with cocktails and a bruchetta bar. Yum. Then we went to Juanitas for a joint shindig with Catholic. I didn't last that long. So very tired. How I went out for multiple nights in a row, was in school full time, and working part time years ago is beyond me. Anyway.
Sunday was Dad's birthday. We went to dinner at my parents and watched some Ghostbusters. Good times. I leave you with pictures and kudos to my wonderful husband who was a great help this weekend.