Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's offical...the car temp read 111* today.

Summer is upon us. Hot, sweltering, heavy, smothering summer. Don't get me wrong I love summer and most everything that comes with it but I also like to be able to take in oxygen when I'm outside. Other than the heat this month has been pretty good. We got back from FL last week. We ate some yummy seafood, did some beach reading, played in the waves and sand, and managed to come away with no sunburns. Coby did go through about 3 bottles to 50 SPF spray sunscreen. Appling liberal amounts every 30 minutes while sitting under the shade, but, no sunburns.
We were down there during the College World Series and thia was my tribute.

Coby under the Kelty. (Recommend it. Very lightweight and easy to put up/take down.)

The view from our seats. We saw lots of dolphins from here but never able to capture one.

We will be camping next weekend for the fourth.
Pray for limited rain and heat!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday All Day Long

Yesterday was a full, full, full day. My spectacular hubby let me choose the whole days events. First we went to the AR Certified Farmers Market. It's on the NLR side of the river. Although it's on a smaller scale than the one on the LR side it is all AR farmers which is good to know. Then we drove to the big city of Guy to Riddles Elephant Sanctuary. We took more wrong turns than right but eventually found it, paid our $5 and saw the retired circus elephants. I thought it was worth is but if you plan on going let me know so you can get SPECIFIC directions.

They had donkeys too.

At the Traveler's game that night the Amazing Christopher performed. What a Sight! The new Halos dance team also performed. Since when to baseball teams have dance/cheer teams you ask. Since now I tell you. And might I add that I thought the outfits were a bit risque for a family venue. Has 28 turned me into a conservative prude? You tell me.

Let's get Cozi.

It's this great, FREE, online family organizer. You can create lists, shopping or to do. As many lists as you want!!! Keep a calendar with remiders, and a family journal. All of this information can be accessed by whoever has the account password and you can text or email information straight from the computer. Just today Coby ran to the grocery store for me. I got on Cozi, made a quick list and texted it to him. It very easy, no frills of fuss!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Do Di Do, Do Di Do

My lovely husband got this for me yesterday! Part birthday gift part the screen went out on my other computer. For whatever reason I LOVE IT. It is so speedy and sleek! An inspiron for inspiration to blog!

I mean really, it just took exactly 2 seconds to upload that picture! Although I'm going to have to do some training on this super touchy mouse.

School is DONE, DU, DUN, DUN, DONE! I will be doing some contract work for extra dough ~3 days a week. I will also need to make a to do list to be completed by the fall including painting the the trim of the windows from cream to white and maybe staining the back fence. I also have some training dates for the counselors and volunteers at camp.

What has been on my mind lately. Hm.

The other day we we're referred to as DINKS: double income no kids. Albeit true not sure if I like the terminology. Does this mean I was an OINK when I was single?

Will Chox ever not completely flip out on the mailman and meter man?

Got a new book (Coby has become some what of a Amazon addict.) The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. It should be good. I got one of these for my mom for Mother's Day and picked one up for myself as well. I recommend it for avid readers.

This was on the morning show. Too cute.

Lionel Richie and Neil Patrick Harris are on The View. I must go now.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Summer Time and the Living is Easy!

Oh, I do love this warm weather and long days. We've been keeping busy lately with fun things. Last weekend we went four wheeling in the Ouachita National Forest and saw this....

Mr. Peppy LePew himself.

and this....

We think it is a copperhead or cottonmouth. Not sure, do you know? It went swimming, does that help?

Over Memorial Day weekend we go a lot of "house" things done. I just made the mistake of not taking before pictures. Coby laid pavers in an area of the back yard that used to be covered with big concrete blocks every foot or so.

I planted some flowers and laid mulch in the front. I am also in the process of giving the front porch a make over. It used to have a cute but very uncomfortable white swing. We replaced this with a duo of black rocking chairs. And (a year later) I made THIS into a little end table.

Last night Coby and I biked the LR RiverTrail. We did about 15 miles in 1.5 hours including a few rest stops. It was great, the hardest part was going up the Big Dam Bridge, you should go. Afterwards we ate dinner at one of our favorites, Pei Wei. I'd say that makes for a pretty good Tuesday.

School is out in one more day and we will being going to Flordia in 1.5 weeks!
I do love summer!