Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Tree?

I made one of these trees for a gift to my parents for our wedding. Since then I have had a few requests to make others. I have done them where the youngest children are the trunk of the tree and the branches become parent, grandparents, ect. I have also done some where the parents are the trunk and the branches are the children, grandchildren, ect. This one is both sides of a family with the trunk being grandparents and the branches being the children and grandchildren. They make great birthday and mother's/father's day gifts. Let me know if you are interested.

Franklin Weekend

We left on Friday morning (6:30 am) to head to Coby's brother's house in Franklin, TN. We made a pit stop at the Mickey D's in Brinkley and then stopped in West Memphis to pick up a niece and nephew. Mind you we did not have a dog sitter for Tasso (Chox was a my mom's house) so, it was two kids and a dog in the back seat of the Ford SportTrac. A little squished for the remainder of 4 hours of the drive but we made it. Plans were to stay at Coby's brothers house but around 3 in the afternoon Coby began felling ill. (Not Beastie Boys "ill" as Coby would say). We ended up getting a hotel room, hoping to avoid getting the five children in the house sick. I am fairly sure that Coby had food poisoning from the McDonald's stop that left him "loosing his bodily fluids" through out the night and very dehydrated and weak the rest of the weekend. Tasso was so well behaved ALL weekend.
We also learned that a bone can last for 2-3 days with no "little brother" trying to steal it.

The weird honeycomb and bee print on the comforter.

Doesn't he look pitiful?

Even with the bout of botulism the weekend was fun a family filled. Dana made a WONDERFUL Christmas dinner on Saturday and it was so fun to see all the kids.
We saw this hot air balloon on our way home.

Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis the Holiday Season!

It's just now Christmas break and I feel like our schedule has already been piled up for weeks. Ice days last week kept me in and made Thurday and Friday hectic. We've had our weekends packed with deer/duck hunting (Coby), niece's cheerleading competition, work and Sunday School Christmas parties,weddings, and dinners with friends. I must say, it has been just enough to keep us busy and enjoy the season. For Christmas we plan on staying with the tradition of the past few years. Christmas Eve at my parents and church, Christmas morning at Coby's brother's house for breakfast, my parents during the day, and Coby's mom's for dinner. We are going to go to TN to see Coby's brother the weekend after Christmas. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

turkeys to trees

The Friday after our wonderful and relaxing turkey day Coby went to the football game and I was left home to finish Christmas decorations. We are in the festive mood here now, except for the tree that won't stop leaning. Oh well, it makes it seem a little more authentic I suppose. Satuday began our streak of poor luck. (Not bad luck, things could always be worse.) Don't they say things like that always come in threes?
1. Saturday on our way to Hot Springs Tasso vomited in the car.
2. Saturday on our way back home the tailer with the 4-wheeler on it blew a tire.
3. Sunday my computer thew a huge hissy fit and went all "blue screen" on me.

But as I said things could be worse. Tasso's issues seem to have resolved, and the trailer and the computer have been fixed.
In Hot Springs we 4-wheeled to the top of Hickory Nut Mountain. What a beautiful view. It is located just before you get to Mt. Harbor. Recommended for a good day trip.
This weekend Coby is going to look at deer in the woods, and I have a full agenda of nothing, which I happend to be looking very forward to. I might get some of my Christmas shopping done. Something I usually have done before Thanksgiving!

That's about all folks.