Monday, March 17, 2008


That's what my weekend was!

Friday night was very low key, just like I like them. We had pizza (Shotgun Dan's..our fav) and watch LOST and an episode of Saturday Night Live. Generous gifts from TiVo. I'm going to try to post a clip of a sketch from SNL. I LOVE Project Runway and this clip was HE-lariou

I spent Saturday in the kitchen cooking oreo cupcakes and icing-from SCRATCH! They didn't turn out to well, but not bad. Everyone at Tom and Nikki's going away, where we were on Sunday, appreciated them.
We had a very lovely shower thrown for us on Satuday night at Dee's house. Thanks to Dee, Jenny, and Lindsay for all your work. We had a wonderful time!

Sunday was church and then Nikki and Tom's (and Kate's) party. They are moving to New Jersey and will be greatly missed.
Such a busy weekend. Tomorrow is St. Patties and the week will be over sooner than later.

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Elizabeth Ross said...

We had a blast at the shower, lady! That cake was beautiful that Dee made. Hooray for wedding showers!

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