Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I just THOUGHT things would slow down after the wedding. But, as my dear husband points out, it's partly my fault. As soon as, if not before, one "life event" is over I begin something else. When we got home from Jamaica it was thank you notes, then organization of the gifts, Saturday a garage sale (the excess of two persons merging into one house and the items that have been replaced by gifts), and on top of all this we were going to remodel the kitchen?!!

Well turns out the kitchen remodel is neither feasible nor practical on many levels.
So that is out and in it's place comes home improvements with the hope to sell the house in the visable future and buy another. AHHH! So much to think about.

BUT . . . for now summer is 5 school days away! I will be doing some contract work this summer but this will leave time for some of those above mentioned home improvements.

Last Saturday Coby and I went to see Johnny Lang at Riverfest. Result being= I love Johnny Lang + I H-A-T-E Riverfest. Reasons-I've loved Johnny Lang since I was ~12 years of age-I've hated a big crowd of sweaty, shirtless/cropped shirted, drunken people since I was ~BORN! That's all I will say about that!

This weekend is:
Friday-nephews birthday party, cleaning out Coby's (dreaded) storage
Saturday-garage sale, yard work
Sunday-church, dog park clean-up (if we make it in time)

Have a good one!

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Elizabeth Ross said...

Hi Mrs. Liza Bean (you still have that name, just changed to MRS.)-
I haven't checked your bloggity in a while, so hi! Thanks for coming to the par-tay a couple weekends ago. ;) It was fun.
Also, goooood idea on the garage sale. We should do that too. And I hate Riverfet too, it's sad to say. Love ya!

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