Saturday, April 25, 2009

before april runs out

-making a list because I am to lazy to form paragraphs
-life has been dulldrums lately: not in a Cathy cartoon way
-we went to Craws for Paws last night. i am prefacing this by noting the fact that it was for a very good cause but...i stood in a line the length of a football field for 2 hours for a plate full of mudbugs
-been watching LOST reruns with closed captioning on...(ghost whispering in the jungle) and have decided that i want to name my next dog Mr. Echo
-attempting to grow a mini garden and the dill is a bloomin
-next weekend will be spent at the lake, Coby's brother in coming to town and the weekend after that in Fayetteville for my little brothers college graduation- pictures to come.
-work has been busy. conferences on every kid i see 30+. frustration over parents who call to reschedule so i drive across town and they don't show, and over parents who don't show when their children are being retained because they are failing- no show to me means i don't care. you are the parent YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO CARE!!!!
-our refrigirator broke- maytag man wanted to fix it with a $25 part for $160
we are ordering the part on our own and hoping were are handy enough
-our 1 year anniversary is next weekend! Coby just asked if i want AquaGlobes for an anniversary present- ahh marital bliss.
-catch you on the flip side


katandkarl said...

hi. :) happy almost-anniversary!

Made To Organize said...

yes, Happy Anniversary! Your list cracked me up. We're huge LOST fans; this season has been the best yet. :) I hope the remainder of April is marvelous! Please tell your family hello for me at Brad's graduation.

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