Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Puzzling Love

-Bradley is a graduate and is headed into his first year of law school. I have made it my duty to form him into a socially conscious lawyer.

-How does that movie get onto the dvd and then off onto the tv? If this can be done how come pantyhose still get runs in them?

-The Boys survived sleep away camp for one night (a preparation for when we go to Florida). But sure were glad to be home. (by boys i mean the two dogs, not 1 dog and my husband)

-What's that I feel? Oh the cool spring evening breeze through the screen of our NEW DOUBLE HUNG RED DOT WARNING UNLOCKED WINDOWS!

-How can those giant cookie crumb coated Weight Watcher fudge bars be only 1 point?

-I heart Lionel Richie and Johnny Depp

-Ordered an outdoor rug for the front porch and am treasure hunting for 2 black rocking chair so I can drink sweet tea and read novels on the porch this summer.

-Allison Iraheta is JEM in real life! (you MUST check out this site)

-I think I have senioritis due to the end of the school year. (hence no paragraphs, again). Wondering if this is going to be a yearly thing, and if it means I am feeling as young as a senior or as old as a one?

-peace out

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Ashley and Audrey said...

Sorry Liza, I don't know your email address, but I wanted to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I probably haven't told you happy birthday since we were kids, but I put it on my calendar every single year! :) I hope you have a GREAT one!
love you

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