Monday, September 7, 2009

It's In My Soul

Being born in Metarie, LA the cajun beat has always been there. Although we moved when I was about 3 years old we spent many spring breaks and summer trips visiting friends in New Orleans. I have always had a love a respect for the state. The food, the people, the music, the smells. It's like nowhere else.
Coby used to cook at Fat Tuesday's in downtown Little Rock. It was a cajun restaurant who's executive chef used to work for the governor of Louisiana. Coby had never been to NO so we took a trip this past weekend.
We walked the streets of the French Quarter, Jackson Square, Riverwalk, Burbon, and Canal. We rode the St. Charles trolley to the Garden District and walked through historic neighborhoods and catacombs. We walked through the Audubon Park to the Audubon zoo where we found these friends.

Food wise, you've never seen or tasted such.

For dinner we ate at Commanders Palace and NOLA. Commanders won hands down. I had the Artichoke and Brie Soup, An Assette of Lousiana Seafood, and Molten Chocolate. Never, have I ever, in my 20 some odd years of life had anything like this. Worth every, single penny. The owner was then kind enough to give us a tour of the kitchen. I thought it a bit inappropriate for me to whip out the camera during such a nice dinner, but please belive me and make a visit if ever in the near radius of New Orleans.

Friday for breakfast we ate at Cafe' DuMonde. Famous for their beignet and chickory coffee. That morning it wasn't that busy but on Saturday and Sunday mornings there was probablly a 30 minute wait for a table.

Friday for lunch we ate at the ever famous Acme Oyster Bar. The etouffee was out of this world, and the oysters were slippery and good.

Saturday we went walked down to Central Grocery and got a mufflatta. (ate it in the hotel under the a/c: of the many things i love about the city the humidity is not one of them)

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