Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Week

We have been keeping busy this past week and weekend. So busy that I'm too tired to write about it so I'll picture about it.
Nephew's baseball game. Dogtown.

Baby shower for my dear friend Dee. We swayed from the normal shower food and went with comfort foods. Grilled cheese, fried pickles, ice cream sundaes.

Here are the onesies and letter blocks I made for decorations.

I also made her this baby quilt.

Saturday I went to a Traveler's baseball game with some people from work and some of the kids we see. They had a great time, and ate hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy. I got lots of cute pictures but will only post a few. I don't know how their mommas would feel about their faces all over the internets.

Whew. That was a lot of pictures! Off to watch the last episode of The Pacific.
Have a good week!

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The Shepherds said...

Wow, Liza! Once again, I am really impressed!!!! You made that quilt?? I got a sewing maching a couple of years ago, but I really struggled with it...would love to try again sometime.

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