Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Funk

You know that time around mid-late winter when you just want it to be warm and sunny. Well I feel like that only it is warm and sunny. Scratch that, sweltering and sunny. Apparently we are on our way, here in AR, to breaking the average daily high temperature. 17+ days of 100+ degree weather plus the humidity. Oh the humidity. But, things are looking up. Today's high is only 94! Maybe we are on the down swing and are headed into fall, football, chili, and Thanksgiving crafts with my kids at work.
That's right. School has just begun and I am ready for Thanksgiving crafts. The kids will actually start on Thursday. I guess starting so late in the week is a way of easing everyone back into the school routine. I am excited about this year. Ready to see what my student have overcome this summer and what challenges lay ahead.
Leaving you with a picture I added to the Pioneer Woman's set "love" on flickr. Happy almost hump day!

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The Shepherds said...

i have felt the summer funk too. I was just saying the other day that I have never felt this winter funk feeling in summertime! I love summer, but when it's too hot to go out and play, it might as well be winter. Does that make sense? haha

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