Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mommy and Me

Keller's school has been closed the past two day because of a nasty stomach virus. Apparently most of the teachers and kids were infected and they decided it was best to let it run it's course and have time to sanitize everything. Luckily little man shows no signs or symptoms (knock on wood). So we have had an unexpected two days together, and it's been wonderful! Yesterday morning we ran errands in the morning and then walked up to the park and swung for a bit. The weather is unseasonably warm but still a little windy. (ignore the pants tucked into the socks;)

Then we laid the blanket out on the ground. This was really the first time he has ever touched or experience grass. He was very interested.

Then we rolled around a bit and soaked up the sunshine.

Today we got up and went to story time at the library. Keller was the youngest one there but LOVED watching the big kids sing and play. At the end the teacher got out a big box of all kinds of different balls and he was in heaven. Scooting towards one batting it away and scooting towards another. I'm sure our collection of balls at home will only grow.

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