Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Keller 7 months

Keller you are seven months. Growing fast and showing no sign of slowing down! You've started eating some. So far you LOVE butternut squash, and will eat sweet potatoes, and green peas. Not a big fan of green beans or avocado but we'll keep trying. You also love puffs, and the veggie burger at Big Orange. You still roll all over the place. I'll lay you down in the living room and come back 2 seconds later and you've rolled clear across the room. You've started to do "push-ups" but no crawling or getting on all fours yet, but you do have a mean belly crawl though. You've gotten to where you enjoy sitting on your own and playing. You like your jumper, if you are in the mood, and you jump like a crazy man. Still no teeth but I'm expecting them soon. Still not sleeping though the night. It will come though. This is what I usually wake up to.

Some pictures. As you can see the monthly photo shot is proving more and more challenging.

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