Sunday, February 24, 2008

We are at the point in our engagement where we are beginning to have showers and receive wedding gifts. I believe showers originated from friends of the bride thinking they can save her sanity by giving gifts. Never the less it is fun to receive lots of free thing that you have actually chosen and will be useful to you.
I arrived home last week to a large box on my front step, addressed to me, shipped from Williams Sonoma. I was very tempted to open it but did have the self restraint to wait until Coby came over so we could open our first wedding gift together.
Opening the box we find two beautifully wrapped boxes with a card (no name on the envelope) taped to one of the boxes. "Best wishes, Dan and Ruth".
me: "Do you know a Dan and Ruth?"
Coby: "No, do you know a Dan and Ruth?"
me: "no"
Mind you there are quite a few people on our invite list that we don't know, i.e. friends of our parents. Assuming Dan and Ruth fell into said category we proceeded to open the gifts. A beautiful teek grill set in a very nice storage case and a 12 qt. Al-Clad cooker. NICE!
Then we call our parent and find out that no one knows a Dan and Ruth. We inspect the invoice and find that Dan and Ruth live in Snowmass, CO.
Truthfully my first thought was "I have to return my first wedding gift!". Then it was "we can't keep someone else's gift!", if that's not a set-up for bad karma I don't know what is. So we call Williams Sonoma who tell us that according to their information the gift was from Dan and Ruth to us and to enjoy. Still feeling uneasy about the situation, and with the possibility that Dan and Ruth are on Oprah's new show and just sending out random gifts with their $500,000 Coby calls information and gets their number. We can't have Oprah thinking we are dishonest. He leaves a message but we have not heard back from them.
In any case they will be receiving a thank you note.


kristen said...

6618 brentwood!!! i know we need to get together soon!

Elizabeth Ross said...
I say keep it. Willams Sonoma messed up. ;) Just kidding (I guess).
Love ya!

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