Friday, August 22, 2008

You better Work!

This weeks challenge was a little more exciting than the past few weeks. RuPaul being the guest judge you can only imagine what the challenge was! Design an outfit for a drag queen that fit their personalities.

Not my personal fav but I think it won because, and I quote, "hides the candy well".
Korto was again in the top three.

The looser...

It was a long time comming. Daniels designs were always on the boring side.

This weekend we plan on going to Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit at the Mid-America Museum in Hot Springs. It is an exhibit showcasing cadaver bodies with anatomy and physiology education. I am very excited and have been wanting to go since it opened. Coby on the other hand is taking me out of husbandly duty. We'll see how he stomachs it. I will take pictures (if allowed) and give a full report once we go.

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kristen said...

i got to see bodies revealed in kansas city. it is very cool!! some parts were a little creepy but still cool. my anatomy teacher is offering extra credit if we see the one here. so i may have to go see it again. oh well, maybe i can force my hubby to come with me this time.

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