Monday, August 25, 2008

Sorry to disappoint

But they would not allow pictures to be taken at the Our Body exhibit. I give it
1 & 1/2 thumbs up. I took gross anatomy in college and had seen most of what the exhibit was about. The disection of the cadavers was amazing. You could see all the nerves, veins, and arteries. I wish they would have displayed more "abnormalities" of the body (i.e. broken bones, anurysms). Does this make me morbid? I just find it all very interesting.
We did get a chance to explore the rest of the museum. I love all the hands on stuff they have to do. The only down fall?...All those kids who want to play and make you feel obligaged to let them go first! Ha, it is fun to see kids so enthralled and excited.
The museum currently has an exhibit call Grossology. Here are some pics.

The sign warns parents to keep children from using the toilet at intended.

You had to guess what scent you were smelling.
The options? FEET, ARMPIT, MOUTH, and ANUS
This thought just occured..."Why did I willingly participate?"

The snot area...

The most annoying game ever! I love it!

Flatulence...the scientific reasoning of how the sound varies. Something about vibration and air pressure. (Can't believe I am commenting).

All in all it made for a fun Saturday. If you haven't been the the Mid-America Museum (or its just been awhile) go. It's a good time!

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