Thursday, October 2, 2008

the cords...they're choking me!

So mad, so mad, so mad. We have had TiVo for ~1.5 years. I love it. I love the thumbs up, thumbs down, I love the "pudup, pudup, pudup" sounds it makes, and I love the little TiVo alien at the top of the remote. Then along comes the dreadfully boring HD converter box! I, myself, could live without HD-but others in the house feel it is vital. Now we could get an HD/DVR 2-in-1 box from the cable company, but we are under contract with TiVo for the next 2 years and I am fairly sure the DVR does not make fun sounds. Now there are cords upon cords, and three remotes, and the channel only changes when you use both remotes (HD+TIVO)! After all this I begin to think why do we even need any of this?! Then I realize I missed PR last night so I go to TiVo only to find out it has not recorded it!!!! Obviously under the deviant spell of the HD box! Thank goodness my computer does not associate with either. Here is the edited version from bravo.
The challenge was to design a evening gown inspired by a garden the designers visited.

Looser... um, eighties bridesmaid dress?

Korto, no my favorite but she did make it to the finals.

And Kenley-for those of you who love knit.

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