Thursday, October 9, 2008

The End is Near

This was the episode that Tim Gunn visits the last designers homes and we get a first look at the final collections. Gunn's visit to Korto here in AR was portrayed very well (i.e. no hillbillies). The a bridesmaid dress to go with the wedding dress that was already part of the collection. Korto made it through by the skin of her teeth. I really liked both dresses but I could see how they did not go together.
Jerell is not going to fashion week because of this bedazzled wedding dress and underwhelming bridesmaid dress.

Korto's designs

Leanne's designs...I really liked her wedding dress, not so crazy about the bridesmaid dress. (Sorry, the pics this week aren't that good.)

And finally Kenley. She is about on my last nerve. Her designs this week are nothing that hasn't already been done. It was mentioned on the show that her wedding dress looked like a Alexander McQueen design from his last show. What do you think?


vs. Alexander McQueen

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