Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Summer Time and the Living is Easy!

Oh, I do love this warm weather and long days. We've been keeping busy lately with fun things. Last weekend we went four wheeling in the Ouachita National Forest and saw this....

Mr. Peppy LePew himself.

and this....

We think it is a copperhead or cottonmouth. Not sure, do you know? It went swimming, does that help?

Over Memorial Day weekend we go a lot of "house" things done. I just made the mistake of not taking before pictures. Coby laid pavers in an area of the back yard that used to be covered with big concrete blocks every foot or so.

I planted some flowers and laid mulch in the front. I am also in the process of giving the front porch a make over. It used to have a cute but very uncomfortable white swing. We replaced this with a duo of black rocking chairs. And (a year later) I made THIS into a little end table.

Last night Coby and I biked the LR RiverTrail. We did about 15 miles in 1.5 hours including a few rest stops. It was great, the hardest part was going up the Big Dam Bridge, you should go. Afterwards we ate dinner at one of our favorites, Pei Wei. I'd say that makes for a pretty good Tuesday.

School is out in one more day and we will being going to Flordia in 1.5 weeks!
I do love summer!

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