Sunday, October 18, 2009

First fireplace burn of the season.

Things have slowed down a bit. We've been wading in the waters from the recent excessive rains (my hay bales out front are growing grass!) but we've seem to come out dry and the sunshine has been out for a few days now. We went to see Second City at The Rep the other night and it was really good. Now if I can only convince Coby to take me to see The Wizard of Oz at Robinson.
A friend recently coerced me into reading Twilight. And. I. Am. An. Addict. She lent me the first one and I finished it in 2 days. I called her to get the second but she informed me that her family had the flu and I might want to wait to get it. So I went directly to Target and purchased the second. I started out being a bit embarrassed when asking other people if they had read it, but soon realized- Yes- everyone else has read it. There was no reason to be ashamed. We rented the movie on Saturday (hoping to get our minds off of the defeats of the Hogs and Jermaine Taylor) and were not disappointed. Coby stayed awake during the whole thing. He now finds it hilarious to make the Hannibal Lectuer noises at me in the dark.
Leaving you with a picture of a bulletin board at one of my schools

We wouldn't want the students thinking they were ALL smart, now would we?

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katandkarl said...

twilight! welcome to the club.

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