Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before the old year ends

I am behind in posting what's been going on around here and I figured I'd better get our Christmas post in before the new year. I've been on Christmas break for the past week and half. The joys of working in the school district. We had a great Christmas but I failed to take any pictures. We went to Coby's parents on the night before Christmas eve. The whole family was there. We ate and watched football and had a great time. On Christmas Eve we ate dinner at my parents then went to Christmas Eve service at church. Christmas morning we woke up, got ready and headed to Coby's brothers house for breakfast. This is always a fun but crazy time. About 25 people and all the kids are so excited about their Christmas gifts. I some how always get roped into putting together someone's toys. This year is was my nieces zu-zu pet tree house. I really like all the excitment of Christmas morning but think that we will end up spending most of our mornings at our house from here on out. It would be nice to be our little family in our little house on Christmas morning. I got lots of good presents. Coby got me a jigsaw puzzle and some books. Exactly what I had asked for. I was a very nice, warm Christmas.
Today I really cleaned the house, got caught up on laundry, and rearranged our closet. We are starting to get the nursery cleaned out. Right now it is the junk/craft room. I am hoping to move most of my craft stuff the the closet and get the room cleaned our before we find out what we are having. Which should be around late January/early February. Then we can get started decorating. Here is a picture from the last appointment we had. Little baby at 9 almost 10 weeks. He/she is looking straight at the "camera". He/she looks like he/she has Coby's chubby cheeks. Too cute.

We have our next appointment a week from tomorrow. She probably won't do an u/s but hopefully she will at the next appointment, I will be almost 18 weeks, and we can find out what it is. I'm not really showing yet. But once I have an actual belly I'll post a picture or two.
Coby has tomorrow off. We plan on running some errands. Looking at baby furniture, and baby bags (part of my Christmas) and then going to see True Grit. We don't have any New Years Eve plans. When I asked Coby what we were going to do he said "what we do every year". Which is watch a movie and go to bed at 10. We are old!
Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!!


The Branches said...

I know you will have a great New Year and I can't wait to see that sweet baby in 2011!!!! Yippeee!!!! So excited :) Love, Becky

Bonnie said...

I am obviously behind on reading your blog! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for ya'll! This will be a wonderful & life changing year for you. I'm sure this baby is going to have the best baby food ever ;) HA! Praying for you!


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