Sunday, April 17, 2011

Living Proof Weekend!

Thursday some storms with very high winds and even possibly tornados blew through around 2:00 in the morning. The sirens went off, we herded the dogs into the bathroom, and then we lost power. Luckily we had no damage or really even limbs down but we were without power until this morning. Two and a half days without power could make for a miserable weekend, good thing I was able to spend most of it seeing Beth Moore! It was amazing! She talked about finding you life goal/ mission goal and how much community and relationships play a role in this. Scripture was from 2 Timothy 4. I was so lucky to go with some girls from church. I totally recommend going to see Beth Moore if she is ever anywhere near you. I will definitely be looking for opportunities to go again the the future. Here are some very poor quality pictures. The music was amazing!

So Friday night and Saturday morning was spent at Beth Moore. Saturday afternoon I met some friends for lunch and then we went to get pedicures. I was long overdue for one. The lady doing my feet was in awe and quite surprised at how swollen my feet were. I had been on my feet for most of the morning. And because I know you are curious here's a picture from tonight. They were even worse yesterday.

Our power had come on for a few hours Saturday afternoon. So my incredibly helpful husband put the sheets in the wash. There was just enough time for the machine to completely fill up before we lost power again. Being as those are the only pair of sheets for our bed I proceeded to ring them out and put them in a trash bag when I got home. Then we headed to my parents to wash them again and watch mindless tv for the night.
Sunday we got up. I took an ice cold shower then we went to church with me looking like a ragamuffin with wet hair. And of course I was teaching Sunday school. I'm glad my Sunday school friends are so accepting;) It's also times like this that make you really appreciate hot water and think about all those people who live with no running water in their homes.
After church we went to Jason's Deli for lunch. Free ice cream cone, yum! Hallelujah, the power was on when we got home. I cleaned the house and got caught up on laundry. Then I finally got our tax stuff finished and sent to the accountant. SO SO glad to have that finished. Taxes really are one of life's most stressful chores to me.
I have a few new things going on in Keller's nursery but will leave that for another post.
Have a good Monday!


katandkarl said...

SO glad you got power back FINALLY! And those FEET - poor things. Mine looked just like that w/ Nate. :)

Jenny Miller said...

Oh my gosh, your feet. That makes me so sad. Good thing summer is coming, I have a feeling that flip-flops will be your best friend in the coming weeks!

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