Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it summer yet?

I am so ready for June! Work has been crazy and some of the parents of my kids are really not helping either. This year has been much more trying than years in the past. Just so ready for summer and for Keller to get here! 13 more weeks! I can't believe how quickly this has flown by. I have friends starting to plan showers and it seems so surreal. I keep thinking I need to decide what food to take and what gift to get then I realize it's for me! Crazy!
The nursery is also coming together. I finally found a rug. Turns out it's three rugs. I found them at Target and have stitched two together. I plan on adding the last one on this weekend. It's a perfect size (I might add a fourth if I can find any more at Target). I ended up paying $20 per small rug. That's $60 and an hour or two of stitching for a great rug. Can't beat that.

I also have a few more projects that I can hopefully get to this weekend. The house is clean and Coby is getting better by the day. So excited for a pretty weekend. Hope yours is great!

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