Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Coby took me golfing yesterday after work. We went to Fort Roots 9-hole course. This was only my 3rd game but I really enjoy it and think I am gradually improving, plus it's nice to be outside doing something active and fun. At one point we were both sitting the the cart when a ball came flying in from across the course and hit the seat directly between the both of us. What are the odds? It added a bit of thrill to the afternoon.

After golfing Coby took me to Emerald Park in NLR. It's by Pulaski Tech. I never knew this place was there. It's just a little walking path that leads to a few river overlook points. A hidden gem!

I'm off to cook dinner. I am really proud of my self, I have plans to cook dinner every night this week. I know you will probaly think I'm an OCD dork but I have complied a dinner database of sorts. It's on the computer and I can go to it and choose dinner for the whole week, make a shopping list, and not have to eat out at all. So far it's working. This week is...halibut with safron and ardichokes, spicy shrimp pizza, feta topped chicken, eggplant parmesan, and spanish mealoaf. We'll keep thinking positivly and hope that this daily cooking thing continues!

Leaving you with a few pictures of the dogs playing. They are so funny together! Chox looks a lot meaner in these pics. than he really is.


katandkarl said...

oh i heart project runway! kelli's was THE BEST. i think daniel was a little pissy he didn't win!

Mary's favorite music said...

i liked the design with the dress made out of blue plastick cups that was really cool!

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