Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Make it work"

Season 5 of Project Runway has finally begun! It looks like this will be a great season, so many different designers and personalities!
The first challenge was a throw back to season 1. The designers had to buy their material from a grocery store.
So far my favorite and the winner is Kelli. Her design was from bleached vacuum bags, coffee filters, metal brads, and a hook and eye closure from a spiral notebook!

The next most interesting was Daniel. He made this out of plastic Solo cups!

AND THIS!... THIS WAS HORID! Jerry had alot of talk but little follow through. A shower cutain, table cloth, and rubber glove. A great look for a butcher!

Lastly, Korto is a desinger originally from Liberia but currently resides just outside of LR! Isn't that exciting.

She seems to have a lot of style. She made this out of a yellow paper tablecloth, tomatoes and leeks!

See you on the runway!

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