Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Projects

So the other day I discovered orignal hardwood floors under our bedroom carpet. We already have hardwoods in the guest room, hall, and front living/dining room. The floors in the front room and hall are in pretty good shape but the guest room was a mess. I had a professional come out and quote me $1800, $1800. yes $1800 to refinish all the rooms. Ha! I asked Coby if we could try to rip up the carpet in the bedroom and and refinsh them ourselves. He said "No" with many excuses to back up his "No". So....This morning when Coby went to play golf I went to Home Depot and bought an orbital hand sander. I was kind of leary to rent one of the big floor sanders, fear of sanding myself through the foundation. I went home remove the "base shoe"- small strip of wood (or other material) that protect the part of the wallpaper or paint job that withstands damage from foot traffic, furniture and other normal wear and tear at the bottom of the wall. Impressive-eh. Then I began sanding my way to a new floor. First I used a 40 grit sandpaper, next 80 then 100 for a smooth floor. Then I will polyurethane to seal it. Really not so hard-$1800 my batooti. If all goes well in the guest room it's on the the front and bedroom (we'll have to rip out carpet-how exciting!) I think about a floor sander.

We also added this cute little chalk board to our kitchen wall the other day. Some chalk board paint and molding. (I have got to remember to get chalk at the wal-mart!)

Lastly, I found this old timey milk jug at an estate sale for $10. I have always wanted one, don't ask why. Maybe because I was allergic to milk when I was younger. Anyway, I'm thinking of painting it. Any good ideas to make it something useful and a little more original than an umbrella holder?

Off to use 80 grit!


kristen said...

wow!! i am very impressed...who knew you were so handy? oh by the way, did you know lindsay stoker lives in our neighborhood now. i ran in to her at kroger and she said she thinks she saw brandy dean walking her dog...and i swear i saw her last night. i don't know for sure, though. 4 cls alums in two blocks?!?!? crazy. i think we need to set up a get together between the four of us.

kristen said...

yes she did move into her grandmother's house. i'm in to walk around the block for sure..aww memories. i don't know how to get in touch with her, but i think she works with jeremy (elizabeth's fiance)

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