Monday, December 29, 2008

Franklin Weekend

We left on Friday morning (6:30 am) to head to Coby's brother's house in Franklin, TN. We made a pit stop at the Mickey D's in Brinkley and then stopped in West Memphis to pick up a niece and nephew. Mind you we did not have a dog sitter for Tasso (Chox was a my mom's house) so, it was two kids and a dog in the back seat of the Ford SportTrac. A little squished for the remainder of 4 hours of the drive but we made it. Plans were to stay at Coby's brothers house but around 3 in the afternoon Coby began felling ill. (Not Beastie Boys "ill" as Coby would say). We ended up getting a hotel room, hoping to avoid getting the five children in the house sick. I am fairly sure that Coby had food poisoning from the McDonald's stop that left him "loosing his bodily fluids" through out the night and very dehydrated and weak the rest of the weekend. Tasso was so well behaved ALL weekend.
We also learned that a bone can last for 2-3 days with no "little brother" trying to steal it.

The weird honeycomb and bee print on the comforter.

Doesn't he look pitiful?

Even with the bout of botulism the weekend was fun a family filled. Dana made a WONDERFUL Christmas dinner on Saturday and it was so fun to see all the kids.
We saw this hot air balloon on our way home.

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