Saturday, November 7, 2009

Use the 4 pack for $1

Thursday night I helped my sister-in-law, Karla, chaperon Evyn's 12th birthday party. It was of course a slumber party of 12 squealing, hyperactive girls and one very unhappy 7 year old brother.
Things they did, and did not do...
DID... eat cheese dip, pizza, chocolate fondue, and ice cream cake.
DID the the 1985 movie "Clue".
DID... play a crazy game called "I hate Skittles".
DID NOT...sneak boys in and hide them in the closet.
DID...decorate monogrammed pillow cases.
DID NOT...smoke cigarettes under the porch. flashlight tag.
DID NOT...drink parents boxed wine. boys to find dates to winter cotillion.
DID down the street topless screaming "Happy New Year". us into taking them to roll said boys houses.
DID NOT...have the one with the biggest breasts dress-up in her Sunday School clothes to buy beer at the gas station.

All in due time I guess.


Elizabeth Spann said...

Ummmm this post totally made my day. It's not a real party until "Clue" is re-enacted, right?? Tee hee. Those were hilarious. We didn't do those things, either. Right?

The Browns said...

Hey Liza! Looks like you are doing great too. We moved from Arkansas to Las Vegas a little over 2 years ago. All of my husband's family lives here, but I sure do miss Arkansas! I'm flying home Nov. 21st-29th & having a double baby shower with my twin sister on Nov. 28th. It should be fun! My sister is pregnant with a boy too. (both our first) My mom & dad still live in Conway.
I talk to Kristin Walker (Sullivan) all the time. We've been BFF's since 6th grade. She has 3 kids & is a stay at home mom. She lives in Bauxite. Me & my sister try to keep a blog for her & the kids, but she doesn't get on the computer much. Here is a link to their blog:

Your doggies are so cute! We have 2 dogs also (Milton & Billie Bean) - they are my babies. I love them so much.

I'll have to add you to my blog list & keep up with ya'!

Bonnie :)

Made To Organize said...

You are hilarious!! I'm glad you survived the sleep over. We have a NO SLEEP OVER rule in our least for a few more years. My fragile state of mind that is teetering on the brink of total insanity simply can't handle it right now. lol! :)

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