Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Pumkin Patch Adventure (that never was)

Today has gone by so quickly. We got up this morning and headed out with the dogs for Coby's surprise. I figured out in the car that we were going to a pumpkin patch. I hadn't been to one since I worked respite weekends at camp in college. We always took the kids in the fall. Coby had seen a sign near his work and thought it would be something fun to do. A wrong turn, a spin out of the truck on gravel, almost hitting two dogs in the road, and a snake sighting later we made it. But no dogs were allowed and they were charging $5 per adult to get in. Has anyone else ever been to a pumpkin patch where they charge to get in? I wasn't planning on buying a pumpkin and just wanted to walk around a little. We decided it wasn't worth it and ended up taking the dogs to the park to chase the ball. When we got home I was able to get some laundry started, make a shopping list, go to the grocery store, make tuna sandwiches for lunch, and make homemade banana pudding.

It turned out really well and was pretty easy.
Side Note. This weeks meal list:
pulled pork (from the crock-pot) sandwiches with okra
confetti spaghetti and salad
flat iron steak, mac and cheese, veggie
meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
(left over) pork tacos, black beans, avocados
spaghetti with left over (frozen) sauce
I also watched the Hogs pull out a win against Texas A&M. I repainted my nails and now am waiting on Coby to finish dinner. He said he would be in charge tonight and he's grilled steaks and green beans, with baked potatoes. I am also making the Pioneer Woman's rosemary dinner roll. Yum!

I had plans to take some pictures of my friend, Dee, and her family this evening but she had to cancel. Oh well, we'll have to reschedule. Coby has to work all day tomorrow so I plan on organizing the craft room and finishing up laundry for the week.


Bonnie said...

We were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend too, but J hasn't been feeling well. Those rolls look so good! I need to be more like you & PLAN meals. I'm so horrible at that & never know what to cook. But, I also made banana pudding today! (yours looks way better than mine :P)

Made To Organize said...

I recently made her Maple Pecan Scones and also her Buttermilk Biscuits. I have yet to try a recipe that wasn't easy enough to succeed at and absolutely delish! Glad you're liking it too! :)

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