Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 25

Just sitting here watching "Perfect Couples". Have you seen this show? So funny! Anyway, thought I would do a quick pregnancy update. Things are going well. The only two annoying "symptoms" is this indigestion that is controlled pretty well by daily medication, and what I think is the beginning of carpal tunnel. Right now it's just my thumb that is numb all the time and hopefully this is the worst of it. I got an appointment today for May to participate in a simple neonatal study (obviously noninvasive or dangerous) at a local hospital. I am mainly doing it to get the free 3-D ultrasound. They will let you bring a CD to record it. I also have my glucose screen tomorrow. I am dreading having to drink that stuff but hopefully everything will turn out alright. Leaving you with a 25 week belly picture. It's not the greatest quality, taken by my tall husband, and my gray shirt kind of blends in with the wall. Not that that makes my belly look any smaller;) And please pay no attention to how big the girls have gotten. Ridiculous!

Happy Friday Eve!!!


The Branches said...

I think you look great! The glucose test isn't too bad, just bring something to eat for right after because you will be HUNGRY!

Our Journey to Africa said...

You look fabulous Liza! Thanks for finally posting a belly pic! :) The glucose test is not bad. It's just an orange soda-type drink and then you can go eat a big lunch after they draw your blood. Yes, the girls will only get bigger and bigger from here. Everyone is different, but mine never went back to my pre-pregnancy size...even after nursing three babies! Can't wait to see more pictures!

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