Friday, July 15, 2011

Keller 1 week

You are one week today big boy! It has gone by SO fast!

Saturday you had lots of visitors. I think at one time I counted 9 people in our room just to see you.
Here you are with your cousin Gray.

The rest of our time in the hospital was spent just getting to know each other and resting.

Sunday we were told we could take you home from the hospital. We were so ready. I got you all dressed up in you going home outfit.

Then the nurse came in said that your billirubin levels were high and that the doctor was going to have you stay in the hospital and I would be discharged. She said that I could "room in" but that you would have to be in the nursery for 3-4 hours at a time under the phototherapy lights. Your hormonal mother might have had a slight breakdown. Then the nurse came back and said that the doctor was going to allow us to go home. Hopefully the nurse learned to confirm the doctors orders before causing major motherly distress next time. So after packing up and giving out the rest of our treats to the nurses we headed home.

We were sent home with some formula to supplement your feedings with and instructions to keep you in the sunlight to try to get your billirubin levels down.
The formula did not sit well in your tummy and you spit up 80% of the time after eating it. Thankfully we have been able to phase out the formula and you are doing great on breast milk.

We went to the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning to get your blood drawn. You did pretty well with the sticks. You screamed for just a second to let them know you did not like what they were doing then you were okay. The levels rose just a little but the doctor wasn't to worried and things had evened out by Friday.

Friday I mentioned to your doctor that I didn't think you were moving your right arm correctly. I felt like I was being a little over reactive but mentioned it anyway. He looked at it, agreed, and sent us for an x-ray. Sure enough. A broken collar bone. He was surprised that I picked up on it but said there is not much you can do but let it heal on it's own. It's something pretty common that happens with bigger babies during delivery. We are just tring to not let you lie on your right side.
You had your first sponge bath and did pretty well. You like having your face and head washed but then you are pretty much over it. Especially when we take your diaper off.

The first few nights you slept in mommy and daddy's bed because I was nervous about you spitting up from the formula. But then you started sleeping in your rocker. I have been having to wake you up every 2 hours or so to feed you since we want you eating as much and often as possible. Here you are with daddy after a bath and crazy hair.

Everyone has asked about you and the dogs. They have actually done great! Every time they hear you cry they come running to sniff and check to make sure you are okay. Chox even sat in the living room barking one night until I finished giving you a bath. You were crying the entire time. I am so happy about how well they are adjusting and hope things keep going well. You all are going to be best buds sooner than later.

So our first week has been filled with doctors visits, visitor, great people from church bringing us dinner, and we even got out and ran a few errands as a family. Things could not be better with you, little man. We love you so much and can't wait to see what else is to come.

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Eve said...

I think he looks like his daddy! I cannot believe that he has a broken collar bone! Poor little guy! I am so happy to hear that he is eating well and that things are going great. You look terrific in those pictures. Hope you are getting some rest :)

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