Friday, July 29, 2011

Keller 3 weeks

Baby boy you are growing up so fast!! This week we have been busy. I took you up the the hospital to get some insurance and maternity leave things finished. Your stoller is not in yet and I didn't want to carry your car seat around so I just carried you around. Good thing too, because tons of people stopped me and wanted to "see the baby". At least with me holding you I could keep their germy hospital hands off of you. We also met some friends at the farmer's market down town. We ate breakfast then did some produce shopping for the week. I have got to get better about taking pictures of us out and about instead of just at home. We also went to work for the first time for a few hours today. You did great. You just slept or laid there awake in your rocker. All the kids just loved looking at you, and you seemed to be very interested in them. You were well entertained all afternoon and hardly fussy at all. You went to your first birthday party for a little girl at church. It was a swim party but I think you are still a little young to enjoy the pool but I can't wait for the day you can. Friday we saw the doctor. He wanted to follow up with your billirubin levels. When we got there they didn't even see the need to draw your blood because you looked so good. They weighed you and you are 9 pounds! You like playing on your mat and being in your swing. Here are some picture from this week.

Keller you are really such a joy! You are a good baby, hardly fuss and
sleep pretty well at night. They days are going by too quickly. Momma has got to remembember to take more pictures!

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