Friday, July 22, 2011

Keller 2 weeks

Things are still going great with you little man. This weeks has been super busy. We took you to church for the first time and you were so good. Slept the entire time. This week is also the first time just you and I have been out by ourselves. You usually sleep anytime you get in the car so it's pretty easy to get out with you. I took you to my work and everyone said how cute and sweet you were.
We kind of have a sleep routine down. You are usually able to sleep for 3-4 hours at a time and wake up to eat. Sometimes you like to be swaddled sometimes you don't. Sometimes you like a paci sometimes you don't. I've started putting you in gowns to sleep in because the hands fold over and keep you from scratching your face. Daddy has already cut your fingernails twice!
I got your playmat out this week. You like it okay but only for a short amount of time. We will keep working on it. The first time I put you on it Tasso thought he needed to play too.

Tasso also likes to snuggle.

This week was also the first time mommy "fixed" your hair. I didn't get a picture when I first did it. This is the morning after look.

The other night you were laying awake in our bed. Daddy was talking to you and you made your first "coo" sound. It was so exciting. You have done it a few times since. I love to hear you but I also makes mommy a little sad because you are growing so fast. I also love it when you finish eating and I look down at you and you have milk dribbling out of your mouth and you have such a content look on your face. So sweet.
Funny story: The other night I gave you to your daddy while I was getting ready for bed. He was laying down with you on his chest. You were hungry and a little fussy. You began rooting and sucking on anything you could find. You ended up latching onto his neck and gave a hickey! Then you spit up on him. I told daddy it was like a bad date!
We love you sweet boy!

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Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Your little guy is so sweet! I miss when Ethan was this small. Get all the cuddles you can! He will be crawling around before you know it.

Love the "bad date" recap. Too funny!

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