Friday, July 13, 2012

Life with a one year old...

Kelly's Korner is linking up today with fireplace mantels. We'll this is what mine currently looks like.

What? You don't have piles of puzzles and board books with a red cowboy hat accent on your mantel? 'Tis the season of our life right now, but eventually I would like to do a fireplace make over. I'm not crazy about the tile and I think the only remedy would be to retile it but I'll have to research (i.e. consult pinterest) on how exactly to go about it.
Secondly, anyone have a better idea than a snack trap? Apparently Keller thinks the goal is to remove all the Cheerios and throw on the floor. At least it keeps him busy for awhile. Kind of like those dog treat balls, no?

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Natasha said...

If you get a better idea than a snack trap please let me know. It just provides entertainment for my daughter and a big old mess for everyone else :)

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