Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photo Dump

We are currently driving to St. Louis for a long weekend of baseball, shopping, the zoo, and some other fun stops. Kellers has been fairly sickly, fever, cough, and snot. Oh the snot. But he slept all nigh last night and ate all his breakfast so I think he is beginning to feel better. Hopefully this little trip will snap him out of the whiny funk he has been in lately. Bless his heart. We are on hour two of the trip and he's slept the whole way so far. I'm hoping to get at least three hours of sleep out of him. Let's pray I didn't just jinx our plan. Anyway, thought I'd go through my photos in my phone and and post a few to kill sometime an possibly drown out the "lithium" channel on the XM radio, hubs choice obviously
Cherrio explosion.

Rare mommy and me photo.

Loves his green smoothies in the morning (almond milk, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, banana, spinach)

Milk and a cowboy hat in Walmart.

Play with his barn on his belly like a little boy.

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