Sunday, June 7, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday All Day Long

Yesterday was a full, full, full day. My spectacular hubby let me choose the whole days events. First we went to the AR Certified Farmers Market. It's on the NLR side of the river. Although it's on a smaller scale than the one on the LR side it is all AR farmers which is good to know. Then we drove to the big city of Guy to Riddles Elephant Sanctuary. We took more wrong turns than right but eventually found it, paid our $5 and saw the retired circus elephants. I thought it was worth is but if you plan on going let me know so you can get SPECIFIC directions.

They had donkeys too.

At the Traveler's game that night the Amazing Christopher performed. What a Sight! The new Halos dance team also performed. Since when to baseball teams have dance/cheer teams you ask. Since now I tell you. And might I add that I thought the outfits were a bit risque for a family venue. Has 28 turned me into a conservative prude? You tell me.

Let's get Cozi.

It's this great, FREE, online family organizer. You can create lists, shopping or to do. As many lists as you want!!! Keep a calendar with remiders, and a family journal. All of this information can be accessed by whoever has the account password and you can text or email information straight from the computer. Just today Coby ran to the grocery store for me. I got on Cozi, made a quick list and texted it to him. It very easy, no frills of fuss!

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Made To Organize said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing about Cozi.
Glad you had a fun day in celebration of your birthdya!
No, you haven't turned into a prude, it's just disgusting to watch the moral decline of "the next generation". Everything from bathing suits, cheerleading outfits, and Sunday dresses (FOR CHURCH!), and the saddest part is, the age of these girls putting less and less fabric on their bodies is getting younger and younger.
Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. These kinds of issues make me thankful for three little boys who could care less what I dress them in! :)

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