Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's offical...the car temp read 111* today.

Summer is upon us. Hot, sweltering, heavy, smothering summer. Don't get me wrong I love summer and most everything that comes with it but I also like to be able to take in oxygen when I'm outside. Other than the heat this month has been pretty good. We got back from FL last week. We ate some yummy seafood, did some beach reading, played in the waves and sand, and managed to come away with no sunburns. Coby did go through about 3 bottles to 50 SPF spray sunscreen. Appling liberal amounts every 30 minutes while sitting under the shade, but, no sunburns.
We were down there during the College World Series and thia was my tribute.

Coby under the Kelty. (Recommend it. Very lightweight and easy to put up/take down.)

The view from our seats. We saw lots of dolphins from here but never able to capture one.

We will be camping next weekend for the fourth.
Pray for limited rain and heat!

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