Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here comes the snow. Let's eat!

So the prediction for the first snow of the year is anywhere from 2-4 inches in central AR starting around 3 this afternoon. We'll see. Part of me wants lots of snow so school will be cancelled but the other part of me knows that those snow days will just be added to the end of the year. We went to the grocery store yesterday morning to stock up.
Meals for the week...
white beans and corn bread
bison burgers with okra and baked potatoes
chicken tostatas and guacamole
spicy black bean burgers in a tortilla with sweet potatoes
I have been a little behind on posting meal plans lately but I have been doing them and we haven't been eating dinner out very often. I try to post meal plans so later I can go back and get ideas or even copy weekly menu during a busy week. Hopefully it also gives you some ideas. Thinking of weekly meals is one of the things I dread most. I am going to try to put together a menu book with recipes, and shopping lists before the baby is born. I think this will make the weekly task much easier. Once I finish I'll let you know and will e-mail copies to whoever wants one. Maybe I'll start on this tomorrow while the snow falls;)

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Shoshanah said...

The best part about having snow days in college, is that they can't add any days on at the end. Finals are already scheduled, and there is a time everyone has to be out of the dorms. Of course, I did have a professor turn a 4 day a week class into a 5 day a week class after we missed so many days due to snow!

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