Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week in Review

This past week has been anything but normal. We were out for MLK day then I had a continuing education course on Tuesday and Wednesday and it snowed some on Thursday causing school to be let out an hour early. I feel like I still have not gotten into a post Christmas routine yet and it's almost February! Friday night Coby worked late and I laid in the recliner all night. So unproductive. Saturday Coby got up and ran errands and took the dogs to the park while I worked on a Sunday School lesson. I got caught up on laundry and went to the grocery store. I also got started on some baby shower presents. (I'll post about them when they are done.) Today we got up and went to church and I taught Sunday School. Then we went to lunch. Planning on spending a low key afternoon at the house then heading to Coby's parents for dinner.
I am still feeling good as far as this pregnancy goes. My hips and back are achey at times but I figure it's just stretching out and making room for the little one. I can also tell when I think the baby is having a growth spurt. Every few days or so I will be ravenous, eat a good meal, and then be starving 5 minutes later! I'm 16 weeks today. It's hard to believe that in five weeks or so we will be half way there! It is fling by! We have a doctors appointment a week from Friday and then they will schedule a radiology appointment within the next week or so for a good quality u/s. Let's just hope that the little one is wiggly and not too modest. I have been looking at nursery decor ideas. I like the darker brown crib sets but I just keep coming back to the modern looking white crib. I've got some really great ideas for a boy or girl and all of them go along with this type of crib. I have also found some Ikea furniture to go with it. Another bonus is that it is the least expensive option and I feel like the other furniture could be used for a long time. We'll see. I'm trying to hold off on making any big decisions until after we find out if we have a he or she.

In other baby news I ordered a fetal heart rate doppler off Amazon.
And I LOVE it. Some friends gave me other type/brand of heart rate listener but said they were never able to get it to work. I decided to spend a little extra and get a good one. I figured since I have tons of borrowed maternity clothes I could splurge and then share the doppler later on. It is totally worth the $70!

We also made another big purchase. After some research we decided to invest in a new vacuum cleaner. We figured with the baby coming and the dogs that we needed a good vacuum, not to mention the fact that our old one was smelling like burnt hair every time we used it. We decided on a Dyson and got a really good deal on ebay. It came in yesterday and we tried it out right away. So far so good.

P.S. I know my layout and header look a mess but the place I got my old one from changed servers and did not have new codes to my old layout. I don't feel like really messing with it right now and I am debating paying someone to make me a good one. Any ideas or suggestions on who does good designs?
I am still adding to my weekly meal database. It has meal ideas, ingredients by meal, and instructions. Most of the meals are super easy and don't have instructions. Let me know if you want me to e-mail you a copy. I also read about these on Org. Junkies blog. She is giving away one and you have until Jan 27th to enter! It looks like a great project that I might get to one day, one day.

Meals for this week and last:
coconut chicken with side and veg
salmon with side and veg
chicken quesidillas
mongolian beef with brown rice
bison burger with green beans and scalloped potatoes
flat iron with okra and mac and cheese
homemade pizza
chicken and orzo pasta
cod with roasted potatoes and asparagus
blt with chips and pickle

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Eve said...

Glad you are still feeling so good. The second trimester was really a sweet time for me. Pretty soon you'll start feeling movement! I am so happy for you and Coby. Thanks for the updates. Also, i am totally jealous of the Dyson. I don't even have carpet, but I still want one!

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