Friday, February 4, 2011

Things I'm Loving This Friday

A surprise snow day!! I don't think anyone, including the weatherman, thought we'd get much in the way of precipitation today. But one of my co-workers texted me at 4:30 this morning saying schools were closed. There was nothing on the ground yet but the snow came rolling in around 9:00.

I went back to sleep and then the doctor called around 7:30. We had an appointment today at 2:00 but they wanted to move it up to ten.
So we went in and heard the baby's heartbeat and had some blood drawn. Although we have our own doppler at home there is just something reassuring about hearing the little one's heartbeat with someone else there to say "yep that's a heartbeat!".

Other things I'm loving.
I saw these boots a few weeks ago but thought they were too expensive and I would not get very much wear out of them. I kept thinking about them. Especially after the last big snow where I wore my rain boots and almost lost my toes to frost bite. We went back the other day and they were on sale. White was not my top choice but that's all that was left. I decided to get them and got to wear them for the first time today. My toes stayed toasty warm, even when purposefully walking through the snow to test them out. I can't wait to wear them with the little one and play in the snow with him/her.

This lotion. I have had such dry itchy skin lately. Gross I know. I thinks it's a combination of the weather and preg hormones. I have tried everything and finally found this. It's a little more expensive than other store brand lotions, but not more that a little tub of body butter I got a Bath and Body Works which did nothing. A little goes a long way with this, it's not greasy at all, and soaks in fast. But best of all the itch goes away fast and stays away. (I sound like a Gold Bond commercial, don't I?)

A clean house. I did a once over of the house when we got back from the doctor. So nice to know we have the rest of the weekend and everything is clean and laundry is caught up. (It's also fun vacuuming with our new dyson;)

Swiss Miss hot chocolate with the little marshmallows. I wish they would sell those teeny-tiny dehydrated marshmallows by them selves. Wonder what would happen if I tried to dehydrate my own mallows? A big mess I bet.

The wrist braclet I got in the mail the other day to go see Beth Moore in April!!!

The chocolate chip cookies I just made.
Except the pregnancy brain that got in the way. I was scooping out the batter and
kept thinking something wasn't right. Hello Liza, add the chocolate chips!!
I always use our silpat when baking or cooking anything in the oven. Nothing sticks and its so easy to clean. You can buy knock offs that work ok, but not as well as the real thing. If you do any sort of baking I suggest you get yourself one. They are easy to store. Takes up no room. They also my dough mats.

Happy Friday!!!!

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